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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:28 pm
by Win M70
AS a new participant to the world of AAFTA controlled venues, WFTF is, in my opinion, the salvation of our recruiting issues.
During my initial info gathering {lurking}, trying to make some headway with the info overload called the net. I quickly identified the various "camps". I am 60 yrs. old, yet I suddenly felt guilty. Why? I can still shoot prone and may have chosen to do so on occasion. I have health issues like everyone Hear me "Bucket Sitters" and "Belly Floppers" ?
LIKE: A massive heart attack at 48 yrs.; resulting in multiple stints
Esophageal Cancer at 53 yrs; 2 surgeries, tumor removal 4cm.
as a side note at 58 yrs. Wife was given a Terminal diagnosis of 1 day to 5 yrs.
See We all have issues...
Getting back to the main topic before me, stress avoidance is paramount to the successful pursuit of my new found hobby.
Due to an overload of info gathering I have reached these conclusions: WE are very near sighted when change is in the air. Being a "Traditionalist" by nature I am sticking with spring power. I also am slow to accept "change". Face it boys, we gonna
die soon and I want to leave a challenging Springer legacy. Keep taking care of your special interest groups by rule change manipulations, YOU, guarantee the continued reduction of springer shooters. The PCP Boys can sit back and wait for "us" to pass into oblivion...We pride ourselves into thinking age gives us wisdom. Does it? Stop the infighting. Do you think that a raw newby will buy a W. World 4x16 Center Point scope...knowing the rules change like the breeze to protect certain special interest groups? Please! Your personal agenda is glaringly obvious. 12x max is the rule. Enforce it! Set the rules in STONE!
Remove the last temporary rule modification re; Turning higher mag variables down to 12x is ludicrous! Providing an avenue of advantage that is sure to be utilized.Nice way of saying given the opportunity, people will take what may or may not, the easy way out. 12x is established. Siting perceived advantages of just a little more magnification 16x 0r 20x is moot! 12X
BOYS. PLEASE BOG, take this matter in hand. Man up, return HFT to the participants and new or old will benefit! Stand by the rules as they stand, excepting the "Variable Turn Down Option" And see growth return in a positive manner. Maybe I will return from WFTF TO THE HFT CLASS I HAD ORIGINALLY HAD MY SITES SET FOR.
As Newby looking in HFT this was the lure I needed to become a permanent participant. That's the class for me was my initial take. Until I realized I would be changing scopes, bipods and what not to the mere advantage, competition stifling, special interest to WFTF competition. IT PAINS ME TO NO END TO HAVE TO ADMIT : THE UK BOYS KNEW THE SECRET ALL ALONG!!! Win M70


PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:47 pm
by richard
You post is interesting and welcome to airgun field target. Your concerns demonstrate why we have more than just one option when shooting FT. I have almost always been a strong voice in NOT changing rules although sometimes it may make sense. I personally shoot a 12 ft lb gun in AAFTA open class because I am in the US and never plan to shoot anywhere else. AAFTA open and WFTF are very similar and there are very few rule disputes in either. Most of the rule disputes that you refer to occur in the hunter class. The rule disputes can be frustrating but I must admit that, based on participation, It would seem as if the hunter class has been responsible for the continued success of FT. More people seem to like hunter class.
All of this gives us the potential for six different divisions at each match considering WFTF, AAFTA open, and Hunter all subdivided into PCP and spring piston. That is enough choice for almost all shooters and if that is not enough I give them the option of shooting additional "non official" classes. There is pretty much room for everyone however at our matches we usually end up combining some divisions due to participation so even more classes/divisions will never make sense.
If you are ever in eastern Pennsylvania you are more than welcome to come shoot WFTF at our matches, even with a springer. You will not be alone!
Richard Bassett


PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:05 am
by Win M70
Thank You Mr. Bassett for your prompt and insightful reply. I, too hope that HFT has experienced growth. Yet I wonder how many are "SPRINGER" shooters...As you so aptly stated the availability of additional classes allows for a home for everyone. Having given much thought
I have decided to form our own AAFTF Airgun Club. As we speak, I have completed the requisite
online form/app to become a real vote casting group of five dedicated spring gunners. Ages 24/27/30/32/60plus. Guess who's plus? The form is at the send point. All I have to do is meet with my fellow club members as to how we want to progress as to club expenditures, By Mon.
August 3,2015 a new" CLUB" will be added to the AAFTF Roster. I will have added another voting club. I guess he only way to beat is join em. I suggest you do the same.
Obviously us older 60plus fellas need to drop the old age paranoia and realize we are going the way of the dinosaurs . Worrying about bucket/sticks vs prone is futile. Like I said before, we will pass and others will follow what do YOU want to leave behind??? Win M70


PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:11 am
by Scotchmo
Good luck with the new club. Been there. Still there.

Your thoughts on AAFTA Hunter Division (it is NOT HFT, so best not to confuse the them) are similar to what mine were a while back.

AAFTA clubs did vote on use of only 12x max scopes recently. I would have voted for it originally, but after starting our air-gunning group, I changed my thinking. I knew that it would put off those that had only higher power scopes and were not going to buy another scope. I decided not to vote for changes that would require changing equipment. The 12 max did not pass but other changes did. Our group lost one shooter anyway. And the changes made some others swap equipment or switch classes.

I messed around with short, unattached bipod configurations earlier this year and finally said $@^^ it! I'm done with Hunter for now. I recently put the attached bipod (stand?) back on my Diana 54 and Marauder and just shoot Open when going to AAFTA matches. Too many different opinions over what is a legal bipod and what can be attached to the gun. I also decided to go with Open/Pistol rather than Hunter/Pistol. There is no difference between the guns in the two pistol Divisions. Do we really need two pistol Divisions?

Suggestion: If you start a club, you can allow Freestyle and have Piston and PCP. At our club we don't have enough shooters to represent the various AAFTA classes. So we compete Piston vs Piston and Pre-charge vs Pre-charge. At our matches, if you are the lone WFTF style or lone Open style shooter, you will compete against those with like guns.

Bucket/stick vs prone vs attached/unattached vs sitting vs jackets vs harness - does it really matter? The gun type makes more difference.