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App Field Target - Android

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:46 pm
by iscao

After some years in the sport, i felt the need to record and track my scores, in order to follow my improvement throughout the time. I wanted to have my training sessions and competition scorecards recorded and easily accessible. As such, I looked for a field target app but couldn’t find one, so I with my brother decided to make one!

This application (exclusive to Android) was built based in the model of scorecards used in the competitions/training.

You can input, for each target, the shooting position, the size of the kill zone and whether you hit or missed the target. When the scorecard is complete, it provides you the total number of hits/misses.

The PRO version, with a symbolical cost, will allow you to have the totals per lane, kill zone size and positions, save/load all data, and to keep a digital record of all your trainings/competitions, to monitor your progress. I do not intend to get rich with this, it is just a small help for buying pellets.

With this application, you can have in a simple way to record (pro) your competition/training session.

Field Target Scorecard - Free

Field Target Scorecard - Pro

Hope you like it

Re: App Field Target - Android

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:23 pm
by Sean McDaniel
Didn't seem very adjustable. Fixed # of killzones (3) and only 50 shots. Couldn't find a way to adjust the # of shots.
Maybe I missed something?
Nice start, though.

Re: App Field Target - Android

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:30 pm
by Bob Dye
The assumption is that the shooter with the app is good at determining the range and KZ size of targets accurately. Estimates, at best.

Our Club has 9 different sizes of Kill Zones, a good deal more than three in the app.

Match Directors seldom post KZ sizes and distances to targets following matches... and never before the match. So I don't fathom how you would get the required input information.

Curiously, this reluctance to provide info is more important for local monthly matches. An MD doesn't want to provide info (over several matches) that allows shooters to divine patterns of target placement and KZ sizes over time. It's not that a MD doesn't want to share. Each shooter is supposed to expect random placement of target (distances) because a key challenge in the game is rangefinding at unknown target distances. IMO, this unknown is what keeps the game fresh and challenging.

We all like the fun of shooting at targets in trees. However, if a target appears at every match in the same tree, then over time all the shooters come to determine the exact distance... no longer a challenge. I've been to some ranges where the tree targets haven't been moved in years. All the locals know the distance, and (somehow) the info also is learned by the non-locals, too. Not much challenge in that.

I personally encourage all shooters at DFTC to take a photo of their scorecard before turning it in. This is for brief after match analysis. You can learn a lot just by doing this.