HHA Optimizer speed dial adjustable base

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HHA Optimizer speed dial adjustable base

Postby rws45user » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:00 am

Apparently using a tool thats on every scope made ,the turrets , the hunter class does not want you to be able to touch the turrets to determine where your pellet is going to hit . I know it sounds strange but its true .If you have a scope that has cross hairs only like I do , you have a lot of guess work to do so your forced to find a scope that has almost a full grid of markings on the glass that covers every spot to the very end of the glass. So I read the rules and it doesn't say anything about no adjusting the base the scope sets on . The HHA Optimizer is a dial type scope base that lets you angle the scope to keep the cross hairs on target from 0 to 300 or more yards when used on a pellet rifle . You never have to touch the scope and that seem to be what the rule makers want to happen . It has a place on the dial to place a blank tape and mark as many distances as you want on the tape .There is a metal thin bar that hovers over the tape so when you turn the dial you know your yardage once you go out and shoot your gun and know where the pellet is hitting at that distance . I wonder how long its going to take the rule makers to add to the list of thing you can't use thats connected to or made part of the scope . Already the main tool of the scope ( the turrets ) are not allowed to be adjusted . You either buy a scope thats filled in dots, dashes, lines going everywhere just to let you know where to aim or your out of luck . To me its really sad the rule makers made not using the turrets in hunter class a part of the scope shooting art. Its not like some scope have a adjustment and some don't . Its just as unfair to have a shooter with only 4 mil dots shooting against a shooter that has a reticle filed with intersecting lines to help guide the placement of the pellet to the exact spot . Why a ban on the use of the turrets ? Is it because most people today are to lazy to take the time to figure out where each click on the turret makes the pellet go and because they don't know they don't want anyone to use it .? To me this is going down a bad road . We are teaching younger shooter its okay to not know how to use turrets and just go my pictures etched in glass. I'm I the only person that thinks not being able to adjust the very tool on every scope made has on it cannot be used ? This is not right and I think and wish other people will agree and try to make a change to keep the art of shooting with a scope alive . I have read all the rules and there is nothing saying you can't use a adjustable scope mount with a dial attached to move your scopes angle to keep your cross hairs on target ,so if you want to stay away from guessing at mil dots , dashes and other thing etched in glass I would use the HHA dial adjustable base mount and know exactly where your pellet is going to hit at any distance you dial it to . Your sure to blow the doors of the mil-dot shooters. Here is a video . Instead of using there tape you just place a blank tape and make your own marks . https://youtu.be/MMWmINORovg , This is how accurate this system is and this is with a cross bow ,with a pellet rifle or pistol you can hit the same size target he is using and hit it every time . watch this video . I have a HHA On my 22 cal Hatsan 125 sniper rifle also and 100 yards shot is just the start of the dial . For shots used in field target you can mark every foot instead of yards if you wanted to and never touch your scope turrets . The best thing about it is your scopes tube stays in the center for the best view and most accurate parallax reading possible .My next trip to the range is going to be a 200 yard mark on my HHA dial and after that 300 yards and then 400 yards My Hawke chairgun tells me my pellet will still be going 126 fps at 400 yards , I'm hoping it will have enough energy to knock over my ram. https://youtu.be/Gly3bafUhcU I cannot find in the rules where it states this system cannot be used in hunter class . I have put the Question in the rules section in this forum and cannot get a answer . If you read this and know a rule member will you have them read what I have typed in the rule section and tell them to give me a answer . The rules state no adjusting the turrets no clicking and no adjustments to the stock . This system has nothing to do with the stock or the internal working of the scope ,it simply changes the angle of the base the scope sets on , you don't touch the scope at all . For some reason the rule makers are not posting a reply to my yes or no question if it can be used as the rules are written now . If using the system is not breaking the rules the people will have a huge advantage over the reticle marking aiming system . There would be no way to compete with the people using the HHA dialing system. If the rule makers say it is not against the rules as it it written for the up coming year ,I am going to use it in up coming shoots and show just how accurate and unbeatable this system is compared to guessing what mark on the reticle to use in hunter class. Sights
Optical sights of any reticle sty
le may be used, but are limited to
a maximum of 12 power magnification. Variable scopes of
greater than 12X must be turned to
12X or nearest lower
factory marking on the scope.
No turret adjustment allowed during the match. (No clicking.)
Optical sigh
ts with parallax adjustment may be adjusted so that
the target is in focus. Range (yardage) markings may be used.
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