Interesting bipod gadgets

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Interesting bipod gadgets

Postby Scotchmo » Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:39 pm

The Trigger stick comes to mind

I just got this in the mail - Kinda like a Trigger Stick for prone.
Here is my "pocket pod". A v-yoke attached to a Grip Pod style bipod: ... 0_2974.mp4

I have been experimenting with some options for unattached bipods/risers for use in low positions. A lot of sticks and bipods have Weaver or 1/4-20 camera mounts. It's possible to mix and match different heads and bipods.

The airsoft market has fairly authentic, though inexpensive, clones of high grade rifle accessories. Many of these Chinese clones seem fine for airgun use. If you want to spend the money, the original versions are stronger and more stable, but costly.

My "pocket pod" fits in your pocket and can be deployed in a second with one hand. The legs (Grip Pod clone) are about $10 on eBay. The main drawback is that it only has one extended height. There are a couple other versions of quick deploy bipod grips. I may order a T-Pod style grip as they have a wider stance and adjustable legs. The airsoft version of the basic T-pod is about $20-$30

T-pod demo:

V-yokes and U-yokes are available form several sources. Basic yokes are $10-$15. Or a few dollars for a piece of PVC pipe from home depot and you can make a bunch of U-yokes. It requires some basic skills with a saw and drill.

I've used a Harris style bipod with a yoke as an unattached bipod, and it has worked out OK. I and others have also used different fixed length PVC bipods. I'm just seeing if there is something that might be more convenient. A single, universal bipod/riser would be nice. It's hard to find one that does it all. It's fun investigating and playing with the different options.
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Re: Interesting bipod gadgets

Postby rws45user » Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:31 pm

Very nice can you use this in FT . If so what class and how can it be used . Can it be used for ranging
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