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Falls Twsp. Rifle & Pistol Assoc. 2016 schedule

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:03 pm
by richard
I am pleased to post our 2016 outdoor airgun schedule for 2016. Matches are held on the third sunday of the month. AAFTA sanctioned Field Target matches are conducted on the 3D archery course and the NRA approved silhouette matches are held on our 50 yd. pistol range. Dates are as follow.

NRA silhouette, April 17, June 19, August 21, and October 16.

AAFTA Field Target, May 15, July17, September 18, November 20.

We use two banks of animals for both pistol and rifle silhouette and our targets are free falling and not resettables.

The Field Target match is different every month with 60 shots for rifle and 40 for pistol. Our targets are always freshly painted and work. Larry puts out the most complete sight in range I have ever seen!

We all appreciate the support we have received in the past and hope to see all of our shooters back this season, and maybe a few more. Our club is about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia, PA. For directions, a match program, or more information check out our website at or email me at

Thank you to all,
Richard Bassett
Larry Bowne
Joel Gupta
Jim Wilcox