2016 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule in Bristol, WI.

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2016 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule in Bristol, WI.

Postby Boomer » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:41 pm

Hello Everyone,
just wanted to get this posted to allow everyone to make their plans.

2016 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule

May 14 Season Opener

June 11

July 9

July 30 going to combine a FT match and a BIPAS match

BIPAS is our version of come shoot your smallest group possible from any shooting position at 50 meters(54 yards). We have 5 circles on a standard 8.5”x11” sheet of card stock that measure 1.75” ID and you have to shoot 5 shot groups into each circle at 50 meters and we measure your group sizes. Smallest group wins…Period! We have had someone turn in a .25” group and had 5” groups turned it as well so it is not as easy as it seems. We all see people post groups of xx and xx at so and so distance and we always say to ourselves…”I could do better than that”…. This is your chance to do that! Come out and see how small your 50 meter groups really are. Bragging rights are earned on this day! 54 yards in the wind is not easy for .177 and .22 and even the .25’s are showing some variance because of the wind. You have to figure out what caliber is best to use because any shot outside of the circle is a caliber penalty. So any shot outside of the circle with a .177 will result in adding .177 to your group size total. Same with all other calibers, if you shoot a .22 and have a pellet outside of the circle, you incur a .22” addition to your group size. Bring whatever rig you know shoots sub MOA groups at 54 yards and prove it! You will have a ton of fun and comradery in the process.

August 13

September 10

September 24 BAGA Monster Match

The BAGA Monster Match is a match that will have more than 100 shots in a single day.

October 17 End of the year FT match

See you on the lanes!
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