2015 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule...

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2015 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule...

Postby Boomer » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:21 pm

Hey Everyone,
We have finalized the 2015 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule. Make your plans to attend our AAFTA sanctioned match on August 29, 2015. BAGA has a long history of putting up quite a difficult course for normal matches. We host many very experienced shooters that just want a little more challenge than "normal" matches so we tend to push the Troyer factor up near 38-45 for normal matches. Last year the first match was actually a 63T with a 72 yard ram with 2"kz! We will not be repeating that however.
Yeah everyone brought their A-Game out for that match. We are trying to increase participation in BAGA this year so we have once again become AAFTA sanctioned. (YAY BAGA!!!)

Because we are once again AAFTA sanctioned, we will be holding an AAFTA sanctioned event. This event will have a Troyer factor of approximately 36 to get more people to show up and see what BAGA has to offer without worrying about us setting up a very difficult course. We hope to host people that are attending their first FT match and 50 year FT vets alike. It will be an awesome event and fun will be had by all.

Now don't get complacent! We also have the BAGA Monster Match on September 26, 2015. This match is always more than 100 shots in a single day. In 2014 the BAGA Monster Match was 112 shots and about 43T. It was an amazing day and we had a great turn out.

During every BAGA Field Target Match, our Chef Ron will provide us with a great feast. We have a grill onsite and Ron works his tongs like a Ninja and Chef's us up some awesome food. We typically eat directly after the match so everyone has plenty of time to finish up their match before hunkerin down and chowin.

We definitely have a great time back in the woods for any match at BAGA. Come on out and have some fun with the BAGA Crew!

2015 BAGA Field Target Match Schedule

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Saturday, July 18, 2015
Saturday, August 15, 2015

BAGA-AAFTA sanctioned match
Saturday, August 29th

BAGA Monster Match
Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Here are a couple of links to videos of the BAGA grounds and FT course from last year. This will definitely help you get a feel for BAGA. Hope you love it as much as I do!

club website

Jim G. has an awesome quad-copter video link in the middle left of the club main page.

Wayne Z's BAGA videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LlyOFD ... e=youtu.be

Hope you enjoy!
Come on out to Bristol, Wisconsin and have a great year with BAGA!

Cya all soon,
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