Mason Dixon Shootout

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Mason Dixon Shootout

Postby richard » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:33 pm

Mason Dixon Shootout
May 16th and 17th, Maryland and Pennsylvania
An AAFTA Grand Prix event hosted jointly by Damascus Izaak Walton Field Target Association (DIFTA)
and Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association (FTRPA)
In Coordination with the Minutemen’s FT League
We hereby call on ALL Loyal FT shooters (Confederate AND Union) to come to the hereby appointed meeting places and shoot it out once and for all . . . (or at least, until next year).
Where, How, and When:
First Skirmish “On the way to South Mountain”; At DIFTA’s range in Mount Airy, MD; 60 Shot match. May 16th, 2015. Sight in starts at 08:30 AM, Shooters’ Meeting will be called at 09:45. Firing for score will commence directly. A “fun shoot” will be held between Confederate and Union Teams (4 shooters), shooting offhand “on command” at the end of the FT shoot.
Second Skirmish “On the way to Gettysburg”; at FTRPA’s range in Falls Township, PA; 60 shot match. May 17th, 2015. Sight in starts at 08:00 AM, Shooters’ Meeting will be called at 9:15. Firing for score will commence directly.
A 40 shot Hunter Pistol field target match will be held CONCURRENTLY with the FTRPA rifle match for those interested in participating, it will be part of the AAFTA Pistol Grand Prix, and eligible for club and Minutemen’s League awards.
Total for GP: 120 shots rifle, 40 shots Hunter Pistol
AAFTA Guidelines, Local Club Rules, and GP Rules will apply. Timers may be used.
Award Certificates for 3rd to 1st by Skirmish; and medals for the full Match for all 6 AAFTA Rifle Divisions/classes as well as Hunter Pistol. Both Skirmishes will count separately towards the Minutemen’s League scores, as applicable, to rifle and pistol classes.
Match limited to 33 entries received on, or before April 30th .
Refreshments: Cold drinks will be available. Lunches will NOT be provided. Please bring your own snacks. Local group meals and hotel discounts are a possibility at each skirmish.
For more information contact MD Hector Medina at:
Registration for the Mason Dixon Shootout
May 16th & 17th 2015
Shooting for Confederacy _________________ or Union ________________________
Hat Size (measure where you wear your caps) in whole centimeters: _______________
Phone ___________________________ Email ________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________ State _______ Zip ___________
Rifle _______________________ Scope ________________ Pellet_______________
Division: Open _____ Hunter _____ WFTF _____ Class: PCP ______Piston _______
Hunter Pistol ____
Information with accommodations, maps, etc. will be sent upon receipt of registration.
Competitor Registration: $40.00 Each _____________ (If received before 04/15/2014)
Competitor Registration: $45.00 Each _____________ (If received between 04/15/2014 and 04/30/2014)
Total Enclosed: _________________
Make Checks/MO’s payable to: Hector J Medina G
Mail Registration to:
The Minutemen’s League
51 Hoyt St.
New Canaan, CT, 06840
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