A revamped/new top level Division in AAFTA

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Re: A revamped/new top level Division in AAFTA

Postby Scotchmo » Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:32 am


I can almost guarantee that if you gave someone like Doug Miller a laser range finder, his score would NOT improve.

Apparently, when using a Nikko 10-50x60, he can consistently range better than 1/2 yard tolerance at all distances.

That's a big scope, but not all that expensive. I'm guessing that the $2000 scopes that many use range even better.

The top scores are not going to go up as you fear. Some of the lower scores will probably go up. Even if top scores did improve, it is easy enough to design courses that have enough difficult targets to sort out the top shooters. And also have enough easy and mid difficulty targets to provide good competition for all levels of shooters.

Most guns as purchased, are over 12fpe. Putting a limit on power will require specialized guns or custom tunes. That is going the opposite of my intent (non specialized scopes and guns).

Laser range finders and electronic anemometers are no longer "advanced tech". Laser range finders are now a lower cost alternative to optical range finding.

When we allow those things at our matches, we have not had to make our courses more difficult. Our courses are usually well within AAFTA guidelines (usually about T30 without counting wind).

Probably different requirements based on regions. Variable winds will usually make our courses plenty difficult, even for someone shooting with the additional electronics. I'm fairly certain that the 20fpe shooters as they are now would easily out shoot most 12fpe electronic equipped shooters on our course. (Kevin Y might be the exception :) )

A 12fpe Freestyle class would be an interesting test, but most will stick with 20fpe. Those that might benefit from the additional allowances are not usually shooting 12fpe guns.
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