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Can a lens connected to a monitor for viewing only be used

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:26 pm
by rws45user
The rules say Sights
Other than a scope mounted on the airgun, no separate range-finding device may be used.
Would it be against the rules to attach a lens behind the scope that is attached to a monitor . For instance a small digital camera , a cell phone or go pro camera
This monitor is not used for a range -finding device but for viewing only . . It does not have to touch the scope in any way . It can set behind the scope . This is not I repeat this is not a range-finding device .
Would viewing the reticle on a monitor be against the rules .
As far as hunter class goes if no power zoom is used on the monitor and it doesn't go over 12x can it be used in Hunter class also .
If you answer with a not allowed answer will you point out in the rules where it is that disallows it .
If for some reason a monitor is against the rules behind the scope , the monitor can be on a pair of glasses you wear on your head like regular glasses ,as in this video . The only thing behind the scope would be a lens the leads to the eye glass monitor.