Scoreboards/Scorecards/Banners (Project)

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Scoreboards/Scorecards/Banners (Project)

Postby JimW » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:57 am

For the 2012 AAFTA Nationals in Oregon I made a set of scoreboards for Wayne... The scoreboard had all the pistol and rifle divisions for both day on a single 30"x40" sheet saved in pdf form (I made a couple different formats). Easy to have printed on heavy bond and laminated to a foam core backer board, I even volunteered to bring the finished boards to the match. It never happened unfortunately, yet it was a very enjoyable experience all the same.

It's been a few years, i've seen all kinds of scoreboards and scoring sheets since then... But never the same one twice.

Any interest in a set of printable universal (or specific) score boards, score sheets, sight in targets, course worksheet and other things graphic design related? How about an AAFTA set of score sheets or score boards? Would it be handy for match directors to just download the forms and print them out? Does this already exist?

I want to make it happen, I can make printable forms pretty easily/quickly in cad. I've made all kinds of testing targets, ranging targets, chronograph forms, pellet testing spreadsheets, banners, address/direction signs, etc. No real limit to working with any paper size. I'd like to donate some graphic design/drafting time making something that would be handy for hosting small and large matches. I would consider doing some graphic design related items for the GP matches if it's needed.

There is a lot of work that goes into hosting matches, I would like to help out!

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