2017 Crosman National Series

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2017 Crosman National Series

Postby Doubletough » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:40 pm

As we close in on the final month of the 2016 AAFTA and Crosman National Field Target seasons, I'd like to thank all the Club Managers for their cooperation this year and making the CNS a success. And we do believe it has been a success, with many clubs taking advantage of the discount program to help new shooters with loaner equipment or start new clubs, and competitors who enjoy seeing how they size up with others across the country. We have recorded results from over 200 matches with 103 rifle qualifers, 50 pistol qualifiers and 21 individuals who qualifed for the All-Around by shooting both rifle and pistol.

Rules for the 2017 Crosman National Field Target Series will be announced in early September. The 2017 season begins with the first matches following the AAFTA Nationals in October. We have some exciting changes, new awards and new benefits that will enhance the program for everyone. If you have suggestions, please submit them to cns [AT] crosman dot com.

Thank you,

Chip @ Crosman
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