How about some direction for AAFTA?

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How about some direction for AAFTA?

Postby Sean McDaniel » Mon May 08, 2017 12:36 pm

I would like to see AAFTA doing more to promote our sport instead of just being a rule maker.

IMHO it seems that any club, new or existing, looks for equipment, Insurance, location, awards, targets, supplies, etc. I'm pretty sure that every club has done this legwork on their own to obtain all of the things necessary to start and/or run a monthly match. As a member of any organization I expect to get something back from that organization, and I don't see what we are getting back.

Some things that AAFTA could be offering...
Yearly buys of awards (maybe 4 to choose from) at a bulk price instead of the horrible pricing that we get because we only need 60 each year, for example.
Club Insurance options. I tried looking for insurance at the beginning and I had no idea where to even start.
Equipment purchases -- work with Pyramyd, Crosman, Air Venturi, Gamo, etc to offer deals to the clubs. If I have $500 to spend I want to get the most I can for my club.
Memberhip -- figure out how to offer membership to the people shooting instead of just the clubs. But, again, what would they get for the membership? Insurance?

And what about possible land acquisitions? How about looking ahead at maybe purchasing property in a couple of locations? What if there were Eastern, Western and Central locations that are flagship clubs (for lack of a better name). As we cycle through nationals held in Eastern, Western and Central locations if no other club puts in a bid for a given location we have the "default". These locations are also regular clubs that hold monthly's, so they aren't just used every 3rd year. It might even be clubs that are already existing but have exceptional locations and/or members willing to do the work. Again, just throwing things out there for some long term goals.
Sean McDaniel
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Re: How about some direction for AAFTA?

Postby richard » Mon May 08, 2017 11:06 pm

All great ideas however we are a small organization. it's up to all of us to promote the sport. What we have with the BOG is nothing more than a handful of volunteers and limited funds. Many years ago I asked about awards and got no interest from anyone or I should say no interest period. Awards is a whole subject by itself and none of us seem to agree. We have developed a written awards policy at Falls, and even then some people object strongly. Anyway we now have pins with our club logo on them which are something different and unique. A similar pin with the AAFTA logo would be nice but again nobody was interested in the past so last year we finally went with the pins we have now. Sorry to go off on a tangent about one thing.
Your comments are good long term goals but I have more present concerns like clubs that shoot FT and don't bother to join AAFTA for a lousy $25. and clubs that are members that don't run matches per the rules we have. I can only speak for Falls. All of our matches are run per AAFTA rules but we do allow several non AAFTA divisions to accommodate almost everyone.
Rick Bassett
Falls Twsp. R & P Assn.
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Re: How about some direction for AAFTA?

Postby Leo Duran » Tue May 09, 2017 2:13 am

Sean McDaniel wrote:... Some things that AAFTA could be offering...
Equipment purchases -- work with Pyramyd, Crosman, Air Venturi, Gamo, etc to offer deals to the clubs.

Ummh... Didn't your club get the memo about the Crosman discount program?

Regarding insurance: Frankly, we're not large enough to have an effect on insurance premiums.
So, I'd suggest you consider NRA or comparable-size organizations that may offer insurance programs.
NRA's Club Insurance:

BTW, as you alluded to, there are tons that could be done, and frankly, we all can play a role (not just the BoG.)
Not sure if you're aware, but those of us in the BoG are also running or helping to run clubs (wearing multiple hats, if you will).

So, you're welcome to step beyond your club boundary with your ideas and actions: run for the BOG, or reach out to us to contribute.
E.g., Maybe you have clever ideas about discount or insurance programs, etc.. The labor of love for the sport is available to all, not just BoG members.
Leo Duran
Leo Duran
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Re: How about some direction for AAFTA?

Postby Scotchmo » Sat May 13, 2017 1:50 am


It takes considerable participation to accomplish some of those things.

Land aquistion?

Our small airgun club has been using a long dormant portion of a silhouette range for the last few years. It is part of a smallbore club that we basically piggyback on as far as management and insurance. It has suited us well. They get some help with maintenance and we get a place to play. We have hosted some of the larger West Coast FT matches there in the last few years. There is also a defunct bigbore pistol silhouette range adjacent to it. Much larger than we currently use and big enough to permanently setup multiple field target courses and/or silhouette ranges. Probably about 15 acres with a clubhouse in disrepair. If we had sufficient local commitment from other airgunners, it would be great. And virtually no cost, other than maintaining it. As it is, our small club struggles to maintain our existing smaller acreage and smaller clubhouse, so I won't kid myself into thinking that it's something that I should pursue .

I don't see a high enough concentration of airgunners anywhere in the USA that would make that a realistic proposition.
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