2008 Friends of the Good Ole Boy Championship FT Match

Dates: June 14th and 15th, 2008
Site: Roz's "Hollow,"  Pulaski, TN.
Directions and Accommodations: Information packet will be sent to all pre-registrants.
Rules: AAFTA rules apply to scoring, safety, and equipment
Power limitation of 20ft/lbs.
NOTE: Timers on every lane.
Practice Range: Available from 7am to 6pm, 6/12-6/15

Course of fire: 2 days, 120 shot match
Match #1: Noon start (11:30am shooters’ mtg.), 60 shots
Match #2: 9:00am start, 60 shots

Divisions: Piston, Pre-charged and Hunter
Awards: Champion and 2-5 in each division, High Woman, High Junior, 1st Place Team
Need more information?
contact Roz at:  931-424-5314  or Cliff at:  csmith57@tampabay.rr.com

Match Limited to 60 Entries

Registration form: Good Ole Boy Match - June 14-15, 2008

(please fill in, include ALL information, and print)

Name: Phone:
Address: eMail:
City: State: Zip:
Air Rifle: Scope:
Pellet: Age:
Division PCP Hunter Piston
Individual Registration: $55 (includes Sun Lunch) $
Guest Meals: $8 per meal,  Sun: $
Total enclosed: $

Make Check Payable to: Roz Sumpter

  and send entries to:
Roz Sumpter
377 Hardy Road
Pulaski, TN 38478