2000 AAFTA Officers

1992-2010 By-Laws

The Board of Governors consists of six members, each elected for a term of three years. Elections for the Board of Governors shall be held at the annual meeting of the association.

Beginning in 1992, three members of the Board of Governors will be subject to reelection or replacement while the remaining three members' terms will expire in 1993. Thereafter, elections for the Board will be held every third and fourth years.

2000 Officers
Chairman Brad Troyer (1999-2001)
Secretary/Treasurer Wade Sutherland (2000-2002)
Governors Ron Carlson (1999-2001)
Steve Cox (1999-2001)
Ken Hughes (2000-2002)
Dave Slade (2000-2002)
Newsletter Editor Rodney Boyce