DIFTA November 3 Match

Our LMOTY (Last Match of the Year) was a bit different than our usual matches. The course included three lanes with British Rules (1 min/target, 1 shot/target) with one lane each being offhand, kneeling, and prone. One additional lane was "rapid fire" -- this lane had a silhouette-style practice target with five flippers and one (Long Tom) normal field target at a different distance. A total of 3 minutes were allowed for this lane. There was some trepidation when announcing this new format but, at the end of the match, it was declared a success.

The weather was excellent albeit a bit cool with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s and a good breeze blowing the entire match. The DIFTA lanes are usually very well shaded from both the sun and wind but the first and last matches of the year offer an opportunity for some serious wind "doping" when the leaves are mostly off the trees.

It is hard to estimate the course difficulty because of the wind as well as timing and format changes -- the nominal difficulty was 28T but this does not include wind or timing. The only change in the course design might be to increase the difficulty of the prone lane as several people chose to shoot it kneeling or standing with (too good?) success. Possibly, the silhouette flipper target might be put out a bit further or something more "chicken" size chosen. The total number of shots was 60.

The schedule for 2008 has been picked. The dates are: April 12 (Fun Match), April 19, May 3, June 21, July 26 (Maryland State Championship), August 16, September 20, October 4 (Fun Shoot), October 18, and November 1.

Apologies for the results being limited to just names and scores -- the registration cards were left at the range.

PCP Division Results:

Name Score
Joe McDaniel 59
Steve Schulz 58
JC Brown 52*
Werner Wicha 52*
Dennis Verhagen 52*
Ed Reinheimer 51





Tie decided by shoot off

Hunter Division Results:

Name Score
Henry Canoles 53
Phil Dean 46
Ed Canoles 45
Tim Avera 34
Paolo Amedeo 30
Bill Gazdik 22








Piston Division Results:

Name Score
Al Otter 50
Rex Gori 45
Karl Krchma 37
Dale Benson (offhand) 25
Singson Tiu 16
Jacobi Beck 13
Mark Couillard 9
Josh Christiani 7








Junior Division Results:

Scoring: 2 for a "kill", 1 for a face hit

Name Score
Hanna Brown 59