Maryland State Championship 2007


The weather was perfect -- some wind would have been nice both to help with a warm (80s) afternoon and to make the shooting more "interesting." I am sure everyone would forego wind for no rain and pleasant temperatures (a week earlier it would have been in the high 90s). 

The registrations were excellent even with some problems with the match director's email being down for 3 days just before the match. A total of 31 shooters participated, and we even had two spectators. (I always tell people that watching grass grow might be more exciting and to come shoot since we can get them a gun.) The match drew people from Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland (perhaps this should be the Mid-Atlantic Championship -- all we were missing was Delaware?).

Course difficulty was about 26 although with our heavily treed lanes it was very dark and one could easily apply the "dark" factor. (Oddly enough, it was "lighter" when the clouds occluded the sun.) In addition to our usual 12 lanes, we added two lanes on the sight-in range which were designated as all off-hand. For fun, one off-hand lane had a Quigley Bucket that Frank Turner created several years ago to mimic the Quigley Down Under bucket shot in that motion picture but scaled to 55 yards. Another lane was the Earl Brooks Lane since we had Earl shooting with us again after a few years hiatus (shooting Cowboy Action instead of FT) and Earl had created several targets for our club over the years. The course-of-fire was a total of 80 shots on one of two sets of 7 lanes (6 "regular" and one on the sight-in range) with those shooting the "uphill" course swapping and shooting the "downhill" course in the afternoon and vice versa. (For those not familiar with the lanes at DIFTA, uphill and downhill are not by shooting direction but by how you have to sit if you shoot right-handed -- only one or two of our lanes end up with the shooter sitting "level.") Lunch was provided and served between the two halves of the shoot.

Many thanks to those who helped run the match including Phil Dean, Paolo Amedeo, Bill Gazdik, and Darlene Canoles.

PCP Division Winner and Class Results:

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Steve Schulz LDSS #2 Nightforce 36X CPH 75
Abe Diaz ZM2002 Weaver T-36 JSBEH 74
David Day Theoben MFR Nikko 10-50X FTS 70
JC Brown Pro Target Weaver T-36 CPH 69
R Thomas Jones P70 OM Nikko 10-50X JSBEH 69
Joe McDaniel Steyr LG100ZM Leupold 35X JSBEH 66
Werner WIcha Walther LG300DM BSA 10-50X JSBEH 63
Ed Reinheimer Steyr LG110ZM Nikko 10-50X JSBEH 42

Hunter Division Winner and Class Results:

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Michael Flickman Steyr LG110HP Nikko 10-50X JSBEH 64
Henry Canoles R9 Bushnell 5-15X CPL 57
Ed Canoles R9 Bushnell 5-15X CPL 54
Tim Avara Diana 350 Bushnell 3200 5-15X Logun Penetrator 44
Phil Dean Logun Solo Bushnell CPL 43
Paolo Amedeo TX200 CPL 41
Earl Brooks Harrier Bushnell CPH 36
Ben Avara Diana 46S Bushnell 4-12X Weirauch 28

Off-Hand Division Winner and Class Results:

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Jim Wilcox Falcon FN19 Nikko 10-50X JSBEH 33
Joe Napolillo Falcon PF25 Leupold 6.5X20 JSBEH 29
Hans Apelles NJR100 Bushnell 4200 8-32X CPH 23
Don Mathisen S200 Bushnell 4200 8-32X JSB 20
Dale Bensen RWS 460 Bushnell Banner 6-24X40 CPH 20

Piston Division Winner and Class Results:

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Mike Miller HW97 Nikko 10-50X JSBE 64
Rex Gori TX200 Leupold 6.5X20 FTS 62*
Ray Apelles TX200SR Nightforce 36X JSBE 62*
Carl Johnson TX200 Carbine Leupold 35X JSBE 59
Paul Bishop TX200 Bushnell 4200 8-32X JSBE 56
Bill Gazdik R9 Leapers 3-12X JSBE 27
Karl Krchma TX200 Bushnell Trophy 8-16X CPL 19
Don Kaighn HW77 Tasco 3-9X CPL 17
Tim Berlett TX200 Leapers 8-32X H&N 8

* Tie determined by shootoff.

Junior Division Winner and Class Results:

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Hannah Brown Crosman 2250XT BSA 2-7X CP .22 74*

* Scoring: 2 for a "kill", 1 for a face hit.