Results from May. 17, 2008

Flagstaff, AZ

The May Airgunners of Arizona (AOA) match was more like a family gathering than a club competition. The atmosphere was very friendly with little pressure to set up the match, meet start-time deadlines, or shoot a perfect score. The shooters all worked together to help set up the 32 shot, eight lane course of competition. The weather was perfect beginning in the low 60s and rising to the low 80s by the end of the match. Perfect! The mild breezes throughout the match had little effect, even on the spring gun shooter using light pellets. All of this made for a nice change of pace from the past few matches when the wind was a significant factor and many of the shooters had other commitments pressuring the match to remain on schedule. Of the five shooters who attended the event held near Flagstaff, Arizona, three were new shooters so the course was gauged accordingly. It was also a good opportunity to teach these new shooters how to set up targets for a match beginning with lane selection, then target positioning/leveling/function, and finishing with reset string obstructions to attempt to avoid (maybe!). Most of the targets would have been scored low if the Troyer scale been applied, but there were enough difficult targets throughout the course that no shoot-offs resulted nor were there any perfect scores. Many of the targets were less than 20 yards, which required an intimate knowledge of how your gun performed at these short distances, as some discovered. However, there were a few more difficult targets such as the Nuclear Disc with the " hit zone positioned just over twenty yards. There was also some vegetation that you needed to be careful not to hit as well. Overall this was a very pleasant match that allowed occasional relaxation, but also some intense concentration to get your hits.

Here are the final results:

Position Shooter Total Airgun Scope Pellets
PCP Class

Match Winner

Larry Piercy 31/32 Daystate CR-X Nightforce 8-40X CP 14.3gr. (.20)
1 Ron Drye 29 Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32X JSB 10.3gr.
2 Robin Montgomery 26 BSA Scorpion Nikko 10-50X CP 10.5gr.
3 BJ Drye 14 Daystate Mk3 Centerpoint 8-32X JSB 10.3gr.
Spring Class
1 Scott Rogers 30/32 Air Arms TX200 B&L 8-32X JSB 8.44gr.

Here is the group picture of everyone doing the most important part of the event - eating lunch. :-)

Respectfully submitted by:

Larry Piercy