Airguns of Arizona Field Target Report

September 20, 2008 Flagstaff, AZ

13 shooters descended on the Quarter Circle R3 ranch…..somewhere east of Flagstaff, AZ for a wonderful day of airgunning, camaraderie, a shoot-off, and great food!

Gracious hosts, Ron and Bonni Drye invited us to invade their ranch and shoot to our hearts content, eat them out of house and home (well…..almost), and partake in some great fellowship amongst like-minded folks, and for that we are extremely grateful. Thank you so much for opening up your home to our motley crew. The area around the ranch is flat and made up of volcanic soil from the ancient volcano which is now the San Francisco Peaks, of which, Mt. Humphries is the highest peak in Arizona (12,663 feet above sea level). I have hiked that before and can testify to the view being breathtaking from the top.

Lunch on the patio

Other than being a loooooooong drive from Phoenix for some of us, it was shorter for Greg, coming from New Mexico, and some of the locals, including a new shooter, shooting a borrowed and shared gun, and proceeding to show us how to shoot it! Scott is hereby relegated to shooting his scoped Benji 397…….and nothing else!

With high, puffy, cumulus clouds in a beautiful blue Arizona sky, and temperatures hovering in the mid 70’s, it was a perfect day……even with the wind! Blustery, gusting and unpredictable, it was coming from the west, then southwest and back and forth from there. This made the 40 shot match challenging to say the least. The last lane had 2 targets, and was designated off-hand only. Three shooters managed to hit 3 of the 4 shots…..somehow.

Greg attempting to shoot the offhand lane

Debbie on the line

Once again, Debbie Keiser showed us all how it is supposed to be done, shooting a score of 31out of 40 shots to take Match winner, and well deserved at that! There was a 3 way tie for 1st place, which was decided by shoot-off, with Scott Jones shooting in his very first match, and using brother-in-law Steve Montgomery’s USFT, and besting Steve (2nd place), and me (3rd place). Needless to say, a very humbling experience for us and sheer ecstasy for him. Like I said earlier, he can only shoot his Benji pumper from here on in….LOL!

View on the firing line

Here are the scores:
Place Shooter Score/40 Class Gun Scope Pellet
1 Debbie Keiser 31 PCP Daystate CR97 Burris 8-32 CPH
2 Scott Jones 29 PCP USFT Bushnell 8-32 JSB
3 Steve Montgomery 29 PCP Daystate MK3 Centerpoint 20 JSB
4 Mark Kauffman 29 PCP Daystate X2 Bushnell 6-24 JSB
5 Jim Russell 28 PCP Daystate Air Ranger Bushnell 6-24 JSB
6 Bobby Corcorran 28 PCP USFT Bushnell 8-32 CPH
7 Klayton Kidd 27 PCP Daystate X2 Bushnell 6-24 CPH
8 Dale Keiser 27 PCP Daystate CRX Burris 8-32 CPH
9 Larry Nelson 27 PCP Daystate Timberwolf Bushnell 8-32 JSBEH
10 Sandy Corcorran 24 PCP AA Pro Target Bushnell 8-32 CPH
11 Robin Montgomery 23 PCP USFT Bushnell 8-32 JSB
12 Greg Frostad 21 PCP FX Tarantula Tasco 36 JSBEH
13 Ron Drye 17 PCP Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32 JSB

The next match is in Camp Verde, AZ and hosted by Bobby and Sandy Corcorran on October 18, and our state championships will be held in Prescott, AZ on November 15 and 16. Please refer the club website for more information and directions.

Thanks again to Ron and Bonni for their hospitality and to Ron and Steve Montgomery for setting up a challenging course.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona