Shooting at Walt's place

July 20, 2008

A day of shooting at Walt’s place is always a great day. Walt Roller hosted The Airgunning Atlanta monthly field target match for July at his beautifully landscaped home course. The weather cooperated and there was little wind to disturb the flight of our pellets.

Walt’s course is fairly flat terrain but it makes up for this by being technically challenging and visually deceiving. The Troyer factor is around a 36 with small KZs at longer distances.

We were happy to have two new shooters join us for the shoot. Mike Robins from Newnan GA., and Paul Oswalt from AL. both shooting from the prone position in Hunter FT class. These two guys may be new to HFT but both must have been practicing a lot judging by the scores they posted. Very nice shooting guys!

The scores reflect how tight the competition was, everyone was on their game and targets were falling.

PCP Class:
Ken Hughes RN10 NF36x 55/60
Harold Rushton EV2 Bush 8-32 54 *
Tommy Garland P70 Burris 8-32 53
Tom Itterly Steyr LG110 Nikko 10-50 51
Doug Vinson Protarget Leupold 35x 49
Greg Garner EV2 Leupold 35x 47 *
Walt Roller P70 jr Burris 6-24 46
George Hamilton USFT Leupold 20-50 33

Hunter FT Class:
Paul Oswalt MFR Bush 6-24 50
David Kirby AA400 Simmons 6.5-20 42 *
Mike Robins Discovery ?? 32 *
Jon Oswald AA400 Simmons 6.5-20 26 *

(Note: “*” indicates international 12ftlb power level)

After the shooting was over for the day Walt played chef and served grilled hamburgers, coleslaw, pasta salad, potato chips, and drinks. We all ate like kings until we were stuffed and boy was it good, there’s nothing like a good grilled hamburger when you are hungry.

Thanks Walt for taking your time to set up a great match for us to enjoy and for feeding us so well. We look forward to being invited to your little bit of FT paradise in the future.

Come join us for our next match on August 17th (Sunday) at our Covington range, we look forward to seeing you there.