No green beer or Irish whiskey flowed but it was a beautiful sunny day for a field target match. A score of 54 was possible, but Mister Wind was going to see to it that nobody shot perfectly. When it was all over; in open PCP Class Doug Vinson Shooting his AirArms Pro Target was in first place with a score of 47 followed by Walt Roller shooting his FWB P70JR with a 46. The rest of the field were shooting 12fpe rifles in the International PCP class and the winner in that class was Ken Hughes shooting his NJR100 with a high score of 40; second place went to Scott Thome shooting his AirArms EV2 with a 39 followed by David Kirby shooting an AirArms S400C carbine with a score of 31, and finishing fourth -- with a borrowed 12 fpe AirArms S400 Classic -- was Eddie Horne with a score of 25. It was good to see Walt and Scott out shooting again and we missed those members that couldn't attend.

David Kirby