Bayou Airgun Club August 16 Match Report

Ten shooters and Benny gathered at the range this morning amid gathering storm clouds and the threat of heavy rain. Benny did not shoot and brought his grandson out to the range with him for a visit. That is a fine lad you had there Benny and he has a good sense of humor too. I wonder where he gets that?

We set up the course in front of the covered sight in range due to the pending inclement weather and that was a good call as about a third of the way into the match, we got a very heavy downpour that would have ruined the morning had we been shooting in the woods. We had 7 shooters in the PCP class including two new shooters that Bubbie recruited into giving field target a try. Welcome to Johnny M. and Lawrence B. Please come out and give it another go, it was a pleasure meeting and shooting with you both. There were two shooters shooting offhand class and one shooter in the piston class. Thank you to all that helped set up and pick up the course.

The results and details were as follows:

Will Thibaut USFT Nikko JSBH 35/36
Rosie Smith USFT S&B JSBH 34
Warren Landry Daystate/Bush Elite JSBH 33
Bubbie Smith Steyr Leup. Comp. JSBH 33
Greg Blair Steyr Nikko JSBH 31
Johnny M. Shot with Rosie 29
Lawrence B. Shot with Bubbie 20

Ron (The BBQ Chef) TX200 Leupold EFR CPL 17
Joe DuBoulay Daystate ProSport Bushy JSBL 20
Ken Green Same as above 17
(Daystate battery gave out forcing us to switch to ProSport)

Our next match will be September 6, 2008 and will be the final preparation match for the folks going to the nationals in Kentucky the following weekend. I say we set a 40+T course to give these guys some good practice in the woods if possible.