Bayou Airgun Club May 17th, 2008

Field Target Match Report

After 3 straight days of bad weather, Saturday morning turned into one of
those days you wish it would be like all year long. Only 3 shooters showed
up to shoot the match and help get things set up. Tony Lightfoot and Ken
Green helped me whip the course into shape on the open course in front of
the clubhouse. Since Tony shoots piston and Ken shoots hunter class, I
decided to shoot my Pro-sport in piston class and my Daystate Mk3-S in
Hunter class. Thanks guys for the help setting up and cleaning up

After getting our guns and ourselves warmed up and sighted in, we headed
out to the course. The course was the standard layout with the distances
as marked on the target bases set as best we could lining up with the
yardage marks on the fence posts on the range. The wind was just enough to
make it a factor on the long shots to give us a bit of a challenge.

My Daystate performed as usual shooting very accurately so long as I did my
part and fed it the right pellets. Since I was shooting two classes with
different guns that shoot different pellets, I made the mistake of shooting
JSB lights in the Daystate on a long target and missed it both times. That
had me really stumped for a minute or two until I realized what I had done.
The different pellets shoot to a different point of impact. Those two
misses turned out to be the only two of the day for me in hunter class. I
did very well with my Pro-sport shooting a 33/36 for the day.

A potential new shooter Mr. Terry Templet showed up on a fact-finding
mission to see what we did out here. Terry was very active in archery
competition and is considering giving field target a try. With his range
estimating skills from shooting the unknown distance courses in 3-D archery
competition, he should be able to be very competitive in Hunter class field
target with very little practice. I hope Terry will come back when we have
a good showing at the range so he can shoot some more guns and a match with
us to get a better idea if this is something he would like to pursue

The details of the match are as follows:

Joe DuBoulay Daystate Mk3-S/Viper 4-16@12x/JSBH 34/36
Ken Green Daystate Airwolf/Leapers MD/JSBL 30

Joe DuBoulay AA Pro-sport/Bushnell 6-24x/JSBL 33/36
Tony Lightfoot AA TX200/Bushnell 8-32/JSBL 28

The next scheduled field target match is Saturday June 7th. Several of the
hunter class shooters will be in Winnsboro shooting the Southern Nationals
Air Rifle and Smallbore Silhouette Matches there, but as far as I know, the
rest of the field will be planning to shoot. The week following that on
June 14th we will be shooting air rifle and pistol silhouette at the airgun
range. If any of you are interested, this is a lot of fun and another way
to enjoy using our airguns.