CASA September 28 Match Results

It was hot as blazes in the Valley today, but I somehow managed to make the long drive out and get thru it, though my shooting suffered for it. Some weren't so lucky .... Tim McMurray got there early to help with course setup, and apparently got too much Sun, had to sit out the match in discomfort, meanwhile Bob Winer got stung in the lip by a bee (ouch, I know what THATS about from last yr around this time), but he soldiered on, matching my dismal performance on the course. Richard showed up to collect the range fees, then pulled the disappearing act he has used most of this yr. Nice to see Gene Adamo's able to come play again.


Doug Miller 43
Joe Haddad 42
Gene Adamo 41
Vince Pacheco 39
Vipha Miller 40
Larry Durham 36
Bob Winer 36
Tim McMurray DNF
Richard S. DNS


Steve Moore. 31
Ron Jobbes. 28
Eric Bragg

Submitted by Larry Durham