DIFTA April 19 Match Results

Mother Nature more than cooperated, and we had a splendid day for shooting with temperatures rising from the low 60s to the low 80s. With no leaves on the trees so far, the sun was a bit warm in the afternoon as the match was finishing but compared to what mid-April might have had for weather, we were elated.

Fifteen shooters were present for the match which consisted of 60 shots with 6 forced offhand. The difficulty was about 25T. One target developed a small hole in the trigger but it was not large enough to cause problems during the match. This led to speculation (mostly from the match director's fiendish portion of the brain) that one could simply drill out the center of the trigger paddle. Thusly, only an off-center shot would take down the target. Larry Durham has a target with the trigger surrounded by open air and then the front faceplate with the hole. This is his no-split version. In the approach being contemplated here, only an almost split would take down the target. Of course, this could only work at fairly close distances as the hold would have to be obvious to all shooters.

Dale Benson was shooting a new Benjamin Discovery -- the first seen at DIFTA. Tinh Nguyen brought a bullpub he made himself (and it shoots very well, too -- he tied for 3rd using the gun!). The stock was done very professionally with several unique features by Tihn.

Tinh (center); Al Otter, left; Thomas Jones, right watching Tinh shoot his bullpup.

Looking up the firing line from about lane 4. Pictures by Ed Reinheimer.


Open Class

Name Score
Joe McDaniel 59
R. Thomas Jones 57
Werner Wicha 52
Tinh Nguyen 52
Ed Reinheimer 49
Chuck Jordan 43
Jared St. Amant 29

Piston Class

Name Score
Rex Gori 43
Abe Diaz 41

Hunter Class

Name Score
Ed Canoles 48
Henry Canoles 45
Phil Dean 42
Singsong Tiu 9

Offhand Class

Name Score
Dale Benson 22