DIFTA August 16 Match Results

Turnout continues to be somewhat lighter than last year, but we have lost several regular members who have moved or switched to other sports. We had eleven shooters for this match. We also had fantastic weather which started out in the 60's and moved to the 80's; wind was minimal most of the time.

The course difficulty was a bit harder than typical at about 30T average, but the scores did not reflect the added difficulty. The course of fire was 60 shots with 6 being designated offhand.  We attempted to have a shoot-off to settle the 2nd/3rd places for Open (PCP) class but both shooters tied in the first round and both missed three times in succeeding rounds -- a draw was declared by the participants.


Open Class

Name Score
Joe McDaniel 60
Al Otter 55
Tinh Nguyen 55
Don Mathisen 49

Piston Class

Name Score
Rex Gori 48
Karl Krchma 35

Hunter Class

Name Score
Henry Canoles 53
Phil Dean 45
Chuck Jordan 43
Bill Gazdik 40
Ray Jordan 33