DIFTA May 3 Match Results

I am always hesitant to comment on Mother Nature's blessings as they can be so evanescent (I have been reading Christopher Buckley -- William F's son -- who likes to keep one's vocabulary up-to-date). Nevertheless, the weather was fantastic! The trees were getting fairly leafed-out and the lanes were shadier than at the last match. By the time of the next match June 21, we will have an automatic Troyer difficulty for shade applied.

We had four new Dick Otten (aka After Hours) targets that were introduced into the course. Everyone looked askance at a new turkey (our Club signature has been "Long Tom" since its inception) that claimed to be 3/8" (have to bring the calipers one day) but looked more like 1/4". It was also very "small" during actual shooting with only one person getting it twice and a lot of double-misses. This target was placed on lane 12 which has traditionally been "It's a small world" but this was a new level of difficulty. Personally, I think the problem is more psychological than ballistic and the large faceplate with a small hole (in fairly thick steel) makes it look harder than it really is. That said, I was one of those who only got it once.

New Turkey target
The newest turkey at DIFTA has a KZ about the size of the eye in this picture but is supposedly 3/8".

A lot of discussion has been floating about on the "green" FT forum about whether Hunter rules should be changed. The last time there was similar discussion, the vast majority of those commenting had never actually shot Hunter. While I have not shot Hunter, I have followed the guidance of Steve Schulz, our previous Match Director, and always design our course with a wide range of difficulties and an average difficulty of about 25T (Troyers) to 30T. There has rarely been a perfect score from any shooter; similarly, the average scores for Hunter run about 50 to 60% while the PCP shooters typically about 75%. The targets that get comments (gripes?) are usually the same for all shooters. The best Hunter scores are usually about 80% while the best PCP scores run about 95%. Since the AAFTA Hunter rules match ours, and our Hunter program is very successful, I don't see any need for changes -- if anyone feels otherwise, please feel free to provide input! (Be warned, excessive "input" may result in one being offered the opportunity to be Match Director.)


Open Class

Name Score
Joe McDaniel 56
Al Otter 51
Werner Wicha 49
Tinh Nguyen 45
R Thomas Jones 45
Chuck Jordan 45

Piston Class

Name Score
Keng Hao Liu 35
Qufer WU dnf

Hunter Class

Name Score
Henry Canoles 50
Bill Gazdik 38
Paolo Amedeo 36
Shane Feller 23
Bill Feller 16