DeSoto Airgunners (DSA) Second Annual Golf Scored Field Target Match

May 18, 2008

Well, we survived another hot, humid day on the links. Oh no, it was an airgun match, not a golf tournament. It was, however, our annual golf scored Field Target match with creator Dick Ottten's soon to be world famous risk/reward factor tossed in again.

Just to review - low score wins. Three shots allowed in attempt to knock the target down. Have a good hit on the first shot and score a 1, miss shot #1 and hit on shot #2, score a 2, miss shots #1 & #2 and hit #3, score a 3. Miss all 3 shots at the target and score a 4.

The risk reward factor comes in if you make a good shot on the first shot. You then have the option of taking another shot at the same target. If you hit again, you score a "0" for that target to help offset any misses. However, if you miss your 2nd shot, score a 2 for that target. Knowing which target to "double up on" can be key to winning this match. Our 20 target match had a possible minimum score of zero and a maximum of 80. We had 8 shooters for our match today, and all of us made the mistake of taking the 2nd shot at an "easy" target, trying for that helpful zero score. We all failed at least once, and scored a 2 for those targets.

Our winner, Fred Poole once again showed us how to shoot, and was the only shooter who did not score a 4 for any target. In fact, he did not even score a 3, and only scored a 2 on 5 of the 20 targets, which included 2 offhanders. He successfully doubled up on 15 of the 20 targets for zeros.

Humiliation of all humiliations, the 4 piston shooters out scored the 4 precharged shooters 66 to 108. OUCH.

It was obvious that everyone was having a fun time with the golf scoring match. It is not something you would want to shoot all the time, but for a change of pace it is a total hoot and I would encourage other clubs to try it for laughs some day. See you in Sept. Our tentative match shall be Anything Goes Hunter Style match.

Golf Scores (low score wins):
Piston division
Fred Poole - 10
Cliff Smith - 14
Ron Zeman - 19
Harry West - 23

Precharged division
Francis Lissure - 19
Dick Otten - 21
Ed Escue - 26
Gordon Hodson - 42