GOB December 28 Match Results

Today, Roz Sumpter invited everyone over to his place in Pulaski, Tennessee, for a local Field Target match. The weather was forecast to be sunny and 50 degrees, so it was a great day for Field Target. The sight in range was open by 1:00 PM and it gave everyone time to get done with church for the morning and still get in an afternoon of shooting.

Most of the guys were at the range by 1:00 PM and eagerly shooting at spinners, field targets and Brad's auto-resetting targets. We had a good turn out with 10 shooters from Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia. Oh, and my son, Matthew, was home from the Army on leave so I guess you could say he even made it over from North Carolina! Everyone got in a few minutes of sight in, minor adjusting and by 2:00 PM we were off to the course to start the match.

The course was definitely no "gimme". Roz took some time setting up the course and it featured an elevated difficulty level. I found it to be both challenging and fun, so it worked out pretty well. I think the large variety of targets and creative placements kept everyone on their toes.

My son shot with me today, and I've got to say it was good to spend time with him. He's been gone with the Army now for a year, and I miss the time that we used to spend together shooting. We both had a great time shooting and talking. It was just a great day for us! Matthew shot my Air Arms EV-2 and I shot my USFT #19. This was the first time that Matthew had a chance to shoot the EV-2 and he really liked it. For the first time shooting the rifle and considering that he was shooting 12fpe, he did pretty good on the course.

Scott Thome also came over from Atlanta to shoot with us . It's always good to see Scott and I enjoy watching him shoot Hunter Division. Scott was shooting his EV-2 today and did well on the course. That brings me to a point that came to mind while I was preparing this report. Today we had (5) five Field Target National Champions shooting the course with us. Scott Thome, Hunter National Champion 2008, Matthew Rushton, Hunter National Champion 2007, Brad Troyer, Piston National Champion 2007, David Slade, PCP National Champion and Roz Sumpter, four time Piston National Champion! Pretty cool, huh! I'll bet it's not everyday that you have that many champs to contend with at a match...

Anyway, when it was all over and done my USFT had served me well for the day. I ended the day in 1st PCP with a 59/60. Rick Thompson was a close second with 56/60 and still hammering us with his Theoben Vanquish. Steve Vines was the Piston 1st place winner with 33/60. Scott Thome was the high Hunter Division shooter with 44/60.

After the match, we all gathered up at the pavilion to have a piece of Caramel Apple pie and a cup of coffee. It was a good ending to the day. We all agreed to give it a shot again in January if there happens to be a Saturday that the temperature rises above 45 degrees. So, I'll let you all know when we are planning another match. As always, we thank Roz for inviting us over to shoot at his place. I am looking forward to next time... I hope to see you guys there!

Harold Rushton

Match Scores

Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 59/60 USFT #19
Rick Thompson 56/60 Theoben Vanquish
David Brown 53/60 Walther Dominator
Roz Sumpter 51/60 Theoben MFR
Matthew Rushton 37/60 EV-2 (International)

Steve Vines 33/60 Air Arms TX200
Brad Troyer 31/60 HW-97
Shane Iceberg 21/60 R-9 Goldfinger

Scott Thome 44/60 Air Arms EV-2
David Slade 33/60 Whiscombe JW-55