Good Ole Boys Match Report


Today Roz Sumpter held a bi-monthly match at his place in Pulaski, Tennessee. This morning the weather service was reporting a sixty percent chance of rain, but it wasn't scheduled to move into Pulaski until late evening. As it turned out, the rain held off. However, the wind didn't wait... According to the local airport automated weather report the winds were 19 miles per hour, gusting to 26 miles per hour at the end of the match! Wow, it was windy!

Everyone started making their way to the sight in range at about 8:45 AM. We all spent about an hour blowing pellets around the sight in targets and trying to figure out what to do with the tricky cross winds. Roz called a shooters meeting just before 10:00 AM and we got the match under way a short time later.

The course was the same white course that we all shot a few weeks ago at the GOB Championship match. Even after having shot it once, it didn't get any easier the second time! I thought it was a great course and I really enjoyed getting to have another try at it. This time I brought my Air Arms EV-2, 12 fpe rifle to shoot. It was a lot of fun to get a different perspective shooting a PCP this time as opposed to my Springer last time...

Today I got to shoot with Steve Vines. We had a great time talking and even got around to shooting a bit. Steve was shooting his Air Arms TX200 and made some very difficult shots. One in particular that I really enjoyed watching was a 3/4" KZ located at around 53 yards! Steve nailed it the first shot and made the dang thing look easy... That was impressive to say the least!

The PCP class was a close run today. David Slade, Rick Thompson and Roz Sumpter were neck in neck though the match. As it turned out, they ended the day with a three way tie for second PCP. My EV-2 worked out pretty good in the wind and I ended the day with the top PCP score of 55.

Cliff Smith took top honors with his TX200 in the Piston Class with a 42. We all know to look out for Cliff anytime that he gets that TX out and today was no exception.

Hunter Class was won by a new shooter today. Charles Gifford gave Hunter Field Target a try with his Daystate Air Wolf and took top honors with a 45. Great Shooting Charles!

We are all looking forward to the next match at Roz’s place. It was a great day for another great Good Ole Boy’s match. Thanks again to our host, Roz Sumpter, for inviting us all to shoot at his place in Paradise… Be sure to plan on joining us at the next match in two weeks!

Happy Shooting!

Harold Rushton

Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 55/60 Air Arms EV-2
Rick Thompson 52/60 Theoben Vanquish
David Slade 52/60 Theoben MFR
Roz Sumpter 52/60 Theoben MFR
David Brown 41/60 FWB P-70
Dottie Berry 40/60 Beeman Mako

Cliff Smith 42/60 Air Arms TX200
Steve Vines 26/60 Air Arms TX200

Charles Gifford 45/60 Daystate Air Wolf
John Blount 30/60 Air Airms S410

Photographs below are compliments of John Blount