Good Ole Boy's Match Report 11/29/2008

Yesterday we had an impromptu match at Roz Sumpter's place in Pulaski, Tennessee. Roz called me last Wednesday and said he wanted to invite everyone over since the weather report was looking good for Saturday. Well, as time ticked closer to Saturday, the weather report digressed. A weather front moved in on Friday night with rain and cooler temperatures. However, by 10:00 AM Saturday, the rain had passed and we were cleared for a nice day of Field Target!

When I arrived at the range, the temperature was in the mid 50's and it there was a variable wind. Several of the club members arrived early and began to help with the course set up. By 9:30 AM there was enough targets set out on the course for 10 lanes of Field Target. We placed two targets per lane and decided to shoot each target three times. That allowed for a nice 60 shot match.

We all got in a little time on the range before the match. Then by 10:15 AM we were off to the course for the match. Given the weather forecast, we had a good attendance. There were a total of 11 shooters today, but only 9 participated in the scored match. The course was set up nicely with a good variety of long, medium and close targets. We had one kneeling lane that was also contributed to a good variety for the course.

At this match, Roz had Rick Thompson and I shoot together. Rick is a great shooter and I enjoy the challenge of shooting with him. Today was no exception! Rick flipped a coin to decide who went first and I was the looser, so I was up first... I was shooting my USFT #19 and this was only the second match that I've shot with it. Since I'm still getting used to it and the scope, I guess I mis-ranged the first target. Unfortunately, I split my first shot and it didn't go down. I felt pretty bad about missing the first shot of the day, but Rick helped my feelings a bit when he missed the same target a little later. What a great guy, to miss one just so I wouldn't feel so bad, right?  As the match progressed, we were dead even until lane 10. Then it happened again, I missed another one... I guess Rick was feeling bad for me again and managed to also miss the same target again. There we were again, dead even... As it turned out, Rick missed a couple more before the match was over, but he was tough competition and kept me on my toes all day.

David Brown was also trying out a new rig at this match. David recently purchased a Walther Dominator and Sightron scope combo. I'd say he's got a good combination, given his score of the day! David had the same thing happen to him on his first lane that I did. Unfortunately, he also missed his first shot of the day. Then on lane number 4 David missed another shot for a total of two misses. David has really improved his game this year and we have a serious contender on our hands now! Awesome shooting David... I can't wait to see how well that thing shoots when you've got more than one match behind you.

David was shooting with Shane this time and Shane had brought along an R-7 to shoot. Shane is a heck of a spring shooter. As it turned out, Shane shot an incredible 26 with his 6-7 fpe springer. Pretty awesome considering that he was also using a 4-12x scope on the rifle! Way to go Shane!

When it was all over, David Brown and I tied for first place PCP each with a 58/60. Steve Vines was the high Piston Shooter with a 38/60 and Charles Garvey was our high Hunter shooter with a 49/60. Way to go guys! We didn't have a shoot off for first place, we'll just try to get in a rematch in a few weeks when the weather allows! Great shooting David!

When it was all done, we all huddled together at the pavilion to have a bowl of hot beef stew that my wife sent over. We got in a little more shooting and fellowship before ending the day about 3:30 PM.

I'd like to thank Pat O'Brien, David Brown, Steve Vines and Shane Iceberg for arriving early and setting up a very nice Field Target course. The course was a pleasure to shoot and I really enjoyed the day with friends. Of course, also a great thank you goes out to Roz Sumpter from all of us for the invitation to join him for a great day of shooting!

We are going to try to have another match soon when the weather allows. I'll do my best to give you all a notification here at least 48 hours in advance. See you guys next time!

Happy Shooting!

Harold Rushton