Good Ole Boy's Match Results 10/11/2008

Yesterday was a great day for Field Target in Tennessee. Roz Sumpter held a bi-monthly match at his place in Pulaski, Tennessee. Everyone started showing up about 8:30 AM and it was truly great weather to boot. With the temperature in the low to mid 80's and a moderate wind we all got our rigs ready to shoot.

The match was a 60 shot standard Field Target course with three targets per lane and two shots per target. I shot with Pat Obrien and we had a great time. Pat got off to a very good start with his Air Arms S410. He only missed one shot each on the first two lanes. I was shooting my Air Arms EV2 and trying to get used to shooting International with the 12 fpe rifle. Rod Bradley was also shooting International with his 12 fpe Walter Dominator. He shot very consistent and ended the day with a good score considering that the wind began to pick up as we went through the course. By the time that we were half done with the match, the wind was changing from every direction and blowing about 15 plus mph.

Rod Bradley brought his neighbor and new junior shooter to try Field Target this time. His name is Alex and he was shooting Hunter (Junior) with an Air Arms S300. I've got to say that Alex did very well for his first match. (In the Junior division a face plate hit was scored with 1 point and a knock down with 2 points.) When it was done Alex was a real winner with a whopping 72! It was great to see the smiles on his face as he knocked down those targets and I'll bet he will be back shooting with us again very soon!

We had a good mix of shooters at this match. Cliff, Steve, Shane and Anden all shot Piston. Charles, David and John shot Hunter and Roz, Rod, David S., Pat and I shot PCP. That made for a really good mix with 13 shooters on the course.

When it was all over, Cliff Smith was the Piston winner with a 44. Charles Garvey was the Hunter Winner with a 50 and Roz was the PCP winner with a 56. Of course Alex Espey, our Junior shooter, had the highest score of the day with a 72! Great shooting guys!

I can't forget to mention that Steve Vines had to show us his beautiful new custom TX 200 stock. That thing is a true work of art! If the rifle shoots half as good as it looks, we are all in trouble!

After the match was over we all had a burger, home made salsa with chips and other great goodies provided by Dottie Berry. It was also time to tinker around a bit with our gear. David Slade brought his electronic trigger weight gauge. It was neat finding out what our triggers were really set to break at. My EV2 was 3.5 oz and as I recall Cliff Smith's TX200 was 2.2 oz! Now that's a trigger!

When it was all over we all had a great day. If you haven't had a chance to try Field Target yet, now is the time! Our next match will be the last of the year. It is the Tennessee State match and will be held on October 25th at Roz Sumpter's place in Pulaski, TN. Make plans now to join us then.

See you all there!

Harold Rushton



Name Score Rifle
Alex Espey 72 Air Arms S300


Name Score Rifle
Roz Sumpter56Theoben MFR
Rod Bradley52Walther Dominator
Harold Rushton51Air Arms EV2
David Slade50Theoben MFR
Pat Obrien27Air Arms S410


Name Score Rifle
Cliff Smith44TX200
Steve Vines33TX200
Shane Iceburg22R9
Anden Houben18TX200


Name Score Rifle
Charles Gargey50USFT
David Brown40FWB P70
John Blount26Air Arms S410