Good Ole Boys Match Report


This past Saturday the Good Ole Boys Club held another local field target match at Roz Sumpters paradise in Pulaski, Tn. The weather was nice for August in the South. We arrived with the temperature in the 70's and it only made its way up to the mid 80's before the end of the match. The attendance was a bit less than our last match as there were only nine shooters this week.

We all got a good shot at sight in first thing after arrival. I noticed that it was difficult to check my zero since we had a bit of a cross wind on the range. But, I figured it would work out and we could get a better idea on the course.

Roz and I were teamed up to shoot together at this match. I always enjoy shooting with Roz and I try to learn something every time I get the chance to shoot with him. This day was no exception. Roz was trying out his TX-200SR in a final check out before the upcoming Nationals in Kentucky. I was shooting my Whiscombe JW-65 MKII and was hoping to also see good results. Well, that wasn't the case this time...

We had Robert Ray visiting again this week from Memphis, TN. Robert is one heck of a shooter and you guys had better look out in a few weeks. Robert was shooting very well at this match. Robert shot with David Brown this time. I guess that both ate their Wheaties, because David also shot a great score. As usual, David Slade was on a roll and didn't miss a shot for almost half of the match. As it turned out, Robert and David were pretty well tied until half way through the match. That made for some interesting competition!

It didn't take too long before I realized that my rig was acting up. My zero shifted and I made an eight click elevation correction on one lane, only to find that it was back eight clicks low two lanes later... I guess it just wasn't my day. Well, welcome to my World of spring guns Although frustrating, I've still got a few weeks to figure it all out before the Nationals... Who knows, maybe I can work it out! Roz sure wasn't having any trouble with his SR! It was shooting great and Roz was on top of every shot. With great precision he knocked down one after the other on a tough Field Target course no less.

When it was all said and done, Robert and David ended the day each with the highest score. Yeah, it was a tie... Both shot 58/66 and were probably not too interested in a shoot off anyway! Roz Sumpter was the high Piston shooter with a 46/66.

When we were done, Roz fired up the grill and cooked us all a great burger. We had a good time visiting and planning for our next match. We will not be having the Good Ole Boys Match the second Saturday of September. That will be the same weekend of the Nationals in Kentucky. However, we will be shooting again in Pulaski the fourth Saturday of the month. Make plans now to come on out and shoot with us!

Take care,


Name Score Rifle
David Slade 58 Theoben MFR
Robert Ray 58 USFT
David Brown 50 Theoben MFR
John Blount 30 BAM 50
Pat OBrien 24 Air Arms S400E

Roz Sumpter 46 Air Arms TX200SR
Steve Vines 33 Air Arms TX200
Harold Rushton 32 Whiscombe JW-65
Anden Houben 26 Air Arms TX200