IAFTC August 16 Match Report

Following from Ron Gill's match report:

“Don’t worry; we didn’t wear out the targets.” Shorty Miller

Shorty summed up this match. August was a month where some did better and others – not as well. However Ray, Ash and Ron all sent 4 for 4 of the swingers from hell target. Also, Gorge dropped a 47 yard uphill squirrel (twice) that proved difficult for others. George shoots a sub 12 foot pound Theoben and after the long pellet flight the squirrel went on to a slow motion fall. It was Great!

Lane two is set up by George, and Has small kill zones and long shot Targets. This lane is always about the same, is never easy. George and I got skunked on a 7/16” reducer at 25 yards Shorty sank it twice with his Gamo 440. I allowed that Gamos shot well, and Shorty responded, “All I know is that the bigger target, the easier it is to hit!” After the match Ash said, “Shorty really had it together today”.

FT pistol was 22 shots on two lanes and spinners. Our two classes are iron slights and optics. Tom with optics shot a lot better than the rest of us with irons. This was his first match. At the end Tom said, “I’ll be back next time”.

Sighting in: George, Ash, Tom, Ron and Shorty. Photo by Ray
Sighting in: George, Ash, Tom, Ron and Shorty. Photo by Ray

FT Rifle 58 shots
Piston: George Gardner, 42; Ray Carter, 29; Shorty Miller, 25
Pre-Charged: Ash Covey, 38; Ron Gill, 31; Tom Drais, 16

FT Pistol 22 shots
Optics: Tom Drais, 9
Irons: Ray Carter, 7; George Gardner, 4, Ash Covey, 4; Ron Gill, 3

For the guns and pellet information please see our page at Pomona Airguns.

The after match meeting of the wise heads planed for the upcoming 2008 Idaho Field Target State Match and for this winter.
The Idaho State Field Target Championship match will be a 60 shot rifle match held on the morning on September 20th.. The range will be set up Friday, and if there is enough time we will hold an informal FT Pistol match. Folks can bring their air gun stuff to swap on Friday.

This winter, we are going to have indoor shooting. Plans are for 10 meter shooting and rifle bell target.