IAFTA 21 June Match Report

Following is match report from our pres - Ron Gill. Had a great time on Saturday! We shot 'off-site' at Ron's place east of Pocatello. Temp was warming up to near 90 by the time we finished (got a nice early start as one member had to leave around 11:00 to make an out of town wedding). Wind was blowing pretty good and the course for the regular match was TOUGH. I think there are two level spaces on Ron's property, and none of them were on the course. There was also lots of tall grass necessitating several quite steep uphill shots, standing with the wind blowing (at least that's my excuse). But at least we had fun, tried something new and added a couple of new shooters.

Ron's report:

Idaho Airgun Field Target Club tries out Pistol FT

On June 21, the Idaho FT Club held a trial Pistol FT match to see if we wanted to add it to our repertoire of matches. Everyone brought their pistols, and we shot a variety of targets including FT, silhouettes and spinners. The scores reflected our first try:

Ron Gill, TAU 7, irons, 13/26
George Gardner, Crossman Custom, 24X, 10/26
Ray Carter, Daisy 777, irons, 8/26
Ash Covey, Crosman 1377 irons, 3/26

After the match we discussed the future of pistol FT at our club and decided that pistol matches would be part of our shoots.

We then had our air rifle FT shoot with 13 targets spread out over a VERY steep slope. We may not shoot on the steepest slopes again.

Air Rifle FT
Shorty Miller, Gamo 440, 4X, JSBL, 8/39
Ray Carter, RWS 52, 12X, JBB, 7/39

Ron Gill, AA S400 ERB, 32X, CPL 29/39
George Gardner, Crossman 2250, 24X, JSB, 14/39
Ash Covey, Daystate, 24X, JSB, 14/39
Jim Ohearn Sheridan irons Sheridan 4/39

We had a new shooter Jim Ohearn and a spectator Tom Drais. Both guys were good company and we are looking forward to the seeing them again. Jim shot one of those old and very elegant Sheridan Blue Streaks.