NAGS October 11 Match Results

Once again, up at 5:30 am on the morning of the shoot, I look out the window and noticed that the wind is really kicking it up, I am think that today shoot will be a tough one for sure. Clint and I loaded up the truck with guns and gear and headed out to the Goat Ranch around 7:00AM. On the 1 hour drive up Goat Ranch the wind was pushing the old truck all over the road and I now thinking that doping the wind with be the key to today’s FT/HFT/Bench match.  We had four last minute drop outs for today’s match, and I was wondering just what sort of turn out we would have. As it turned out, we were the last to arrive and we ended up having a total of 5 shooters.

Everyone that showed up for the match were the Hunter class shooters. The wind was going to prove to be an issue to deal with for sure, and it tested our skills in the art of wind doping. We had a dramatic finish with a tie for 2nd place. The match director decided the shoot-off would be on lane 10 where we had 3 targets set up: 1st target at 20yd, 2nd target at 35yd and the 3rd at 45yds. The shooters who tied, Gary Warrick and Clint Wilson with a 28/40. The two shooters took their positions. Gary knocked down the 35yd target and the other was a miss. A very unhappy shooter for sure. Clint Wilson stepped up to the line and missed the 20yd target , knocked down the 35yd target and with a great shot with the wind howling, knocks down the 45yd target for the win to take second place. Clint Wilson (junior) 12 yrs of age showed the old guys that he is on the move and working his way to the top. Great shooting on the 45yd target Clint.

HFT results (information on the gun type, scope and pellets unavailable)

1. Will Wilson 36/40
2. Clint Wilson (shoot off) 28/40
3. Gary Warrick 28/40

4. Glenn Shrank (Withdrawal) DNF
5. Mike Springbett (equip malfunction) DNF


William S. Wilson
Nebraska AirGun Shooters {NAGS}