Port Colborne Field Target Club
Elmer Fudd Annual Hunter Match

November 1, 2008

I suppose that holding a match up here in November is a bit of a risk, but I am sure glad we planned it and went ahead with it. The weather started out fine early and continually got better as the day progressed. There was still plenty of colour in the woods that just added to the enjoyment of the day.

This match was designed for everyone to get a chance to shoot in our newly created Hunter Division and to have a last chance to shoot together with friends in a relaxed and casual environment. Eighteen shooters were able to enjoy a day of shooting, drinking hot chocolate, eating chili and sharing stories and laughs. It turned out to be everything we hoped for. We are planning an annual fall Hunter event and also considering adding a spring match of some kind before the official FT season starts in late April or May of 2009.

The course consisted of targets that had one inch or larger kill zones. They ranged from one inch to a few at an inch and three quarters and were set from 11 yards to 51yards. The Troyer difficulty calculated out at 25.2T if no wind factor was added. With wind considered, it was closer to 27T. We had ten regular lanes with three targets each and then threw in two lanes with two targets each, one for standing and the other for kneeling. So the match consisted of 68 shots with a possible total of 136 points due to a two point knock down and one point target hit rule.

Certainly one of the biggest changes for those who had not shot in the Hunter Division was the fact that we had to estimate the distances and then shoot accordingly. The closer ones were not too bad, but the ones way out there, where the trajectory is dropping more quickly, provided a real challenge. Another factor was the lack of hold improvements allowed in this division. The kill zones on the long targets sure looked a lot smaller at 15X power setting on the scope as well. It was a fun learning experience.

The scores on the day were great all across the board; Elmer would be proud. We ran the gambit from shooters who have shot in every Hunter match we have had to a new shooter who had not shot in any match. All did well and we even ended up with two shoot offs, one for third/fourth and one for seventh/eighth.

There was hot chocolate and chili with buns at the break to go along with anything that each shooter brought on their own. At the end of the match there was more chili, hot chocolate and coffee. We even had a bowl of candy to munch on throughout. It was nice to hang around and shoot the breeze with everyone.

After the shoot offs the medals were presented to the three junior shooters and the top seven in the adult class were awarded medals as well.
In spite of the longer match than normal in terms of shots taken, many of us were disappointed it had to end. We shot until just before dark on the sight in range after the match. Some had to leave to get to activities later in the day, but most people left later than usual. After the clean up was complete, six of us headed to a local restaurant to have supper and extend the day.

Thanks to Chris for bringing the chili, buns and coffee and also to all the guys that set up lanes on the course and helped with clean up. Most of all, thanks to all who attended and made the day one to remember.

The date for the Christmas Match in Waterloo was announced as Saturday, December 13th. I hope everyone can make it for a day of shooting. There will be a half match outside and some real fun shooting on the indoor range, which will include some pistol shooting this year. A meal is provided and the details about times and match cost will be sent out well before the match date. Making it to this match will shorten the long, winter offseason.

Dennis, Chris and I thank you for a highly successful and enjoyable season at the Port Colborne Field Target Club.

Take care.

Tim MacSweyn

Results Chart

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.
Shooter---Score /136---Gun---Scope-----Pellet
Diff 25.2
Hunter Division Score /136
1--Tim MacSweyn*--133--AA S400-SL--Deben 10-50--JSBH
2--Chris Nicholson*--127--Daystate--Bushnell 8-32--JSBJ .22
3--George Harde-----123**--TX200--Bushnell 8-32--JSBL
4--Dennis Eden*--123**--AA NJC--Nightforce--Baracuda
5--Jeremy Zobel --122--AA MPR FT--Bushnell 8-32--JSBL
6--Ted Gibson*--121--HW97K--Bushnell 8-32--CR HP .22
7--Tom Jackson--120**--AA S410--Leapers 8-32--JSBJ .22
8--Len Joe--120**--Logun Solo--Bushnell 5-15--CPH
9--Don Irvine*--112--AA S410E--B&L 6-24--JSBJ .22
10-Dennis Leite--106--EWC-QB79--Leapers 8-32--JSBL
11-Marshall Doan--94--Cr 2260--Tasco 6-24--RWS .22
12-Rob Billard--82--QB78--Leapers--JSBL
13-Kel Jackson--75--QB78--Leapers 3-12--CP
14-Archie Santos--55--QB78--Rex 3-9--.22 Gamo H
15-Chris Tye (New)--46--Cr 2289--Tasco 3-9--CR HP

1--Braden Meeboer --82--Cr 2289--Center Point 4-16--JSBL
2--Luke Riddell --72--QB78--Rex 3-9--.22 Gamo H
3--Haley Riddell --46--CR 2250--Rex 3-9--.22 Gamo H
* Set up lanes for the match
** Place decided by shoot off