STLAGC April 12 Match Report

STLAGC-CIA held its first match for the year. Alas the weather stunk however. Intermittent Rain, Sleet, Mud, 15-20 MPH winds and 38 degrees while the match was in progress insured that only a few would brave the drive to Jacksonville, Illinois. Initially there were 7 of us, but Gary (who made it there at 7a) had to leave around 10am. So that left 6 of us to decide if we you shoot or go home. Its a 4 hour for me going both ways, so my vote was to shoot. Jonathan was also a go on shooting. Carl who is from Liberty Illinois was also there for the duration, and wanted to shoot since he drove more than 1 hour to get to Jacksonville. In the end we the six of us all agreed that since we were there we might as well go for it.

We did change the match a bit. Reinder forgot to get score cards done up, so we made it a keep score the best you can kind of match, so I don't have official numbers. Hopefully someone kept track when we all came in for lunch around 1:30-2p.

I had to leave around 4pm since my wife was flying back in from Denver, Co. I needed to make a 3 hour drive to the airport from Jacksonville, but I left the other in the basement shooting on Reinder's 10 meter range. All in All I think we all had a great time. The make up match will be held on May 13th, so we should have some scores then hopefully.