June 22nd 2008 WWCCA Field Target Match Report

We had our third Field Target match of the season and in spite of the threatening forecast, the weather turned to be a great for the match. It was 63 degrees when I arrived at the range and it warmed up to the lower 80ís when the match was completed around 1:15 PM. The light winds and a mostly sunny day was a blessing after the Saturday afternoon storms.

Rick Stoutenberg, Fritz Sanders, my wife Karen, and I prepared the practice range and the walkthrough range on Saturday. I canít express enough thanks to them for all their hard work. Those of us who setup matches know how much work goes into the preparation for the event.

Our match was our standard sixty-shot match, and, since our May event, the walkthrough range dried up considerably, we were able to lengthen some lanes and use some of our darker lanes for this event. We had a better turn-out this month and we sure hope to see some more of the regular shooters join us at our matches this season.

It sure was nice to see Jeff Paddock at the match again. He drives two and a half hours to attend our events. Tony South also drives about the same, and we really appreciate their sacrifice of time to attend our matches. I shot with my wife again because my scope was shifting left after every shot and could not get it to hold zero. Rick Stewart also had scope issues later in the match. It sure can be frustrating when your equipment isnít operating properly. Jeff Paddock had everything working well and shot a perfect score with a spring gun. I have never seen a perfect score in the years I have been shooting field target events, congratulations Jeff on some great shooting.

Jeff PaddockTX200SRLeupold Comp 35.177CPL60
Eric SandersLG 100 ZMBSA 10-50X60.177CPH57
Tony SouthUSFTLeupold Comp 35.177JSBH53
Tim EngelhardtHW-97KNikko 10-50X60.177CPL47
Steve SibalNJR-100Tasco 8-40X56.177CPH45
Rick StewartHW-97KSwift 8-32X50.177CPL34
Fritz SandersTX 200HCSwift 8-32X50.177CPL26
Karen EngelhardtHW-97KNikko 10-50X60.177CPL16

We had a wonderful event and though a tree stand target base went bad on us, it was repairable so we could complete the course of fire; the day was all you could have asked for. I believe that some smaller kill zones will be in order for the next FT match on August 17th. I would like to thank all the participants for picking up the practice and the walkthrough ranges after we had finished. Our next event will be our Family Fun Shoot on July 20th. We will have Falling disks for pistol and open sight rifles, Silhouette targets, and a twenty shot FT course. WWCCA is celebrating our Seventh anniversary on Saturday July 19th and all are welcome to attend and come see what our club has to offer. I personally havenít tried all the club has to offer but I can tell you Hand Gun Falling Plates and High Power Rifle are a blast, literally. Until the next report may God bless us, our leaders and our service men and women serving to protect our great country.

Tim Engelhardt
WWCCA Air Gun Chairman