Yegua FT Match

July 19, 2008

This month we started FT rifle match early to beat the heat, but Mr. Reedy added some heat of his own with a runaway victory. Carlos and Bob came in second and third respectfully after a shoot off.

In IFTP, Mr. Robinson, Mr IFTP as we are calling him these days, whopped the field handily in both Scope and iron Sight classes. Ron set a lighter course this month but we still were only second best to Ron.

We shot 42 targets for both rifle and pistol. There were three targets per lane and two shots at each. The targets were moved in and larger kill zones were added for the pistol match. The temps were in the 90's with a nice breeze in the AM.

The heat in Texas continues to rise but the turnout stays steady and we always like to see new shooters out. Hope they will join us again next month. The old timers like Bob Z also show up then and again. We will again shoot on the second Sunday of the month in August but at a different location with a pool, cool!

Hope to see everyone there!

Thanks Paul

Field Target Match Results


Phil Reedy 39/42
Carlos Garza 36
Bob Zimmerman 36
Raschel York 34
Scott York 32
Bobby Roberts 30
Paul Conover 26
Sam Ramirez 22


Mike Vredenburg 7


Eric Branch 36/42
Ron Robinson 33
Doug Witkowski 27
Chris Jordan 26
LD Witkowski 10

International FT Pistol


Ron Robinson 37/42
Eric Branch 24
Bob Zimmermann 24
Doug Witkowski 23
Bobby Roberts 22
Carlos Garza 1

Iron Sites

Ron Robinson 12/42
Bobby Roberts 8
Sam Ramirez DNF

Here are the first and second shooter showing how it is done. Also present is Mike Vrendenburg

Who said this is not a family sport?

Come here little groundhog -- we didn't mean to shoot you.

The IFTP doctor at work.