Desoto Airgunners Match Results - Feb. 15, 2009

Billed as our Winter Warm-Up Match, this 60-shot field target competition found temperatures hovering in the low 80's by noon; a beautiful sunny day in southwest Florida. Several new shooters are becoming regulars, and we're always thrilled when the sport grows. Mark and Charlie -- two newcomers up from Naples FL -- shot well in Hunter Class. Bill Tait (and his non-shooting wife) drove in from the Daytona area for this one day club shoot. Now that's enthusiasm folks. Welcome to the sport !

The course was not easy yet scores were excellent: 60 shots at a total of 20 targets. The course included a kneeling target and a designated off-hander too. There was a sneaky 3/8 incher on lane one and other challenging set-ups making the day interesting for all. Freddy Poole shot an amazing 53 with his TX200, tying the score of the top precharge shooter Dick Otten. Impressive!

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score (60)
Dick Otten USFT 35X Leupold JSB-10.2 53
Ron Zeman LG100ZM Nikko 10-50X JSB- 10.2 49
Bill Tait USFT Leapers 8-32 Kodiak 43
Fred Poole TX200 Bushnell 4200 JSB 8.4 53
Cliff Smith TX200 Nikko 6-24 JSB 8.4 48
Harry West TX200 Bushnell Elite CPL 36
Mark Dowdell Benjamin Discovery Centerpoint 3X9X32 CPH 10.5 38
Charlie Williams AirForce Talon Centerpoint 3X9X32 CPH 10.5 29