Delaware County Field and Stream Pennsylvania State Match Results

November 1

A total of 16 shooters braved a cold drizzly morning to shoot the PA State FT Championship held at Delaware County Field and Stream club (DCFS).

PCP Class
Ray Apelles took top honors in an exciting shoot off with a club favorite Joe Napollilo. Both scored 54/60 and the overall championship was decided by a sudden death, offhand showdown - 50 y (1.5" KZ). Following Joe Napollilo in first place, Jim Wilcox placed second with a respectable score of 42. Third place was also decided by 50 yard showdown between Stan Lipinsky and Bob Diamico. Both Bob and Stan scored 41, but Stan prevailed in the shoot off to take third place.

Piston Class
Perennial high scorer, Rich Bassett took first place(46/60) followed closely by club regular (but new to FT) Jim Siti (45/60). Larry Bowne, another regular at our FT matches took third place with a score of 44.

The full scores are listed below

Overall Champion
54/60 Ray Apelles

PCP (Offhand)
54/60 Joe Napollilo
42/60 Jim Wilcox
41/60 Stan Lipinsky
41/60 Bob Diamico
37/60 Al Otter
34/60 Jeff Mammele
32/60 Abby Wiles
31/60 Carl Johnson
28/60 Hans Apelles

Piston (Offhand)
46/60 Rich Bassett
45/60 Jim Siti
44/60 Larry Bowne
34/60 Dale Benson
11/60 Cathy Mower

83/120 Larry Bowne

54/60 Mike Harris

Don Mathisen
DCFS Field Target CRO