DIFTA September 19 Match Results

What a match! The weather was fantastic! The attendance was the best in a year or so -- basically since gasoline prices soared.

Starting with the weather -- I am not sure what actually happened, but the forecast was for a high of 72F. Just a hint of a breeze for the most part -- enough to keep one worrying about what is happening to the pellet, for sure. It could not have been a better day for field target!

We had 24 shooters! Not only did we get some of our local shooters back to the range after varying hiatuses, we got 3 people from New York City, 2 from Poughkeepsie, NY, and 3 from West Virginia. It was a long trip for all of them -- thanks for thinking enough of shooting at DIFTA to make the huge effort!

The match was our typical 60-shots. There were 6 offhand shots. The average difficulty was intended to be about 28T but one lane - lane 9 -- ended up with the targets in reverse order so a 1/2" was out at about 31yds and the intended 1.25" for that distance was at 17yds. Just think what it would have been like if the far target had been more like 40yds!  As it was, 13 shooters got it at least once and Carl Johnson, Phil Dean, Mike Macinconico, and Jill Clelland hit it twice! Excellent shooting!

The top shooter was Ray Apelles with a Crosman/Benjamin Marauder shooting at 11.5fpe, CPL pellets, and a Leupold Competition 35X scope. He came close to cleaning the course shooting 59/60 -- missing only the very difficult far target on lane 9 once. Several shooters were shooting Marauders -- Crosman/Benjamin has certainly come out with a very competitive gun with an excellent price.

The next match is October 3 and will be a "Fun Match."  The last two full matches of 2009 are October 24 and November 7.


Class Name Score
WFTF Ray Apelles 59
PCP Carl Johnson 55
PCP John Marantz 53
PCP Mike Macinconico 52
PCP Jill Clelland 52
PCP Tinh Nguyen 49
PCP Chuck Jordan 49
PCP Don Mathisen 49
WFTF Joe McDaniel 47
PCP Anthony Palminteri 47
Hunter Bob Felton 43
Hunter Tim Avara 41
Hunter Phil Dean 40
Piston Rex Gori 38
Hunter Roy Adkins 32
Hunter Joe Erler 31
Piston Karl Krchma 30
Offhand Al Otter 24
Hunter Bill Gazdik 23
Junior Michelangelo Avara 20
Offhand Dale Benson 18
Hunter Singson Tiu 16
Offhand Andrew Stephens 13
Offhand Beck Jacoby 10

Joe McDaniel
Match Director