May 17 -- 20 Hole Annual GOLF SCORED FT Match

It was a wonderful day for a golf outing...and/or a Field Target Shoot. At Desoto Airgunners we combine the two in our unique Golf Scored Field Target Event. Today's 20 target match had an even number of piston and precharge shooters competing. Considering the difficulty of the course and conditions, the scores were pretty tight except for Ron Zeman's smoking performance with his LG100ZM. A fantastic (low) score of 8!

Just to review this game... low score wins. Up to three shots are allowed in attempt to knock the target down. Miss all 3 shots at the target and score a 4. Hit on your third shot, score a 3; hit on your second shot, score a 2; hit on your first shot, a "hole in one", you score it a 1..AND, you'll have the option of taking another shot at the same target. If you hit again, you score a "0" for that target. However, if you miss on that second shot, you score a 2 for that target. This risk - reward factor becomes a big part of the game. Knowing which target to "double up on" can be key to winning a golf scored match.

There were enough (apparently) "easy" targets that even the most conservative of shooters were tempted to take that second shot after a good first shot. As we all know even the simple ones are never a sure thing. There was agony across the face of many shooters after missing a "gimme", specially when their score ballooned from a potential zero to a 2 when they missed their elected second shot. Florida is known for it's terrific golf venues. Now in southwest Florida, Desoto Airgunners has combined the fun and frustration of golf with the challenges of field target shooting. We would suggest other clubs give it a try too.

Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Ron Zeman LG100ZM Nikko 10-50X JSB-10.2 8
Dick Otten USFT 35X Leupold JSB- 10.2 15
Bill Tait USFT Leapers 8-32 Kodiak 32
Fred Poole TX200 Simmons 44 JSB 8.4 22
Cliff Smith TX200 B&L 6-24
JSB 8.4 38
Harry West TX200 B&L 8-32 CPL 42