GOB Jan 17 Match Results

On January 17th, 2009, the Good Ole Boy's Field Target Club in Pulaski, Tn held the first match of the new year. Roz and I were watching the weather forecasts all week hoping for the best for Saturday. All was looking good the first part of the week, but a cold weather front moved into the Southern Tennessee area on Thursday causing the temperature to drop off drastically. Even after the front moved in, the weather service was still forecasting warmer weather for Saturday. Some even forecast temperatures up to 45 degrees.

Given the favorable weather forecasts, we made our final plans for a match so Saturday morning I was off to Roz's place. I arrived in Pulaski around 10:00 AM and the temperature was still around 30 degrees! According to the local weather man, the high forecast had changed to the mid 30's with winds in excess of 25 miles per hour! Ouch... That didn't sound like ideal Field Target weather. Oh well, we might as well shoot.

Soon after 10:00 AM, the rest of the shooters started showing up. Before long we had 12 potential shooters and everyone was eager to have a match. One thing that Roz and I both noticed was the fact that after a very short sight in session, everyone was done and ready to go to the course. So, we had a brief safety meeting and were off to start the match.

This match consisted of 10 lanes, two targets per lane, three shots per target for a total of 60 shots. One lane was offhand and the remainder were seated lanes. Before the match started, one shooter decided not to shoot due to the weather, so we were down one before we started. Unfortunately, the cold took a toll on a few other shooters and they too gave up before finishing the course. I've got to admit, it was COLD, but I figured it was a good opportunity to work on wind doping so I stuck it out...

David Brown and I shot together at this match. David was shooting his Walther Dominator and I shot my USFT. It was a lot of fun shooting with David. Thinking back on it, I'll bet we were talking a little more than normal today, just to try and hold down the shivers if for no other reason. I even remember one time seeing David run by when I was setting up for the offhand lane. He came back and explained that he was just trying to get some blood flowing again... Either way, I don't think the heavy winds were helping any. I think that attributed to the worst of the cold and a lot to the extreme difficulty of the course.

We started on lane number 2, which is on the uphill portion of the course. The wind was really blowing hard from behind us with a hard right quartering affect. On my first shot I noted that my point of impact on the kz was a little low. The target was only about 25 yards, so it gave me a little hint of what to expect from the wind. Sure enough, the second target was beyond 50 yards and it too was being blown low and to the right. I almost made it though that lane clean until the last shot. The wind picked up right as I was breaking the shot and my pellet was blown low and right. Oh well, that was my first miss of the day! Not too promising since I was on my first lane.

David did well on the first lane and under the conditions, he did well on the course overall. As the match progressed, the wind continued to annoy us with varying velocities and directions. By the time we were half through the match, all we could think about was the cold and getting back to the pot of Chili that Steve Vines had brought. Thanks Steve! It did give us hope.

Steve was shooting his trusty TX200, fresh spring and all. He was shooting with a first time shooter, Kevin Blankenship from Savannah, Tn. Kevin was also shooting a new TX200. It was good to see Kevin come out and give Field Target a try. He introduced himself to us on one of the internet forums a couple of weeks ago and promised to make it to the match. Well, he did and we enjoyed his company. There's one thing about starting Field Target in January on a 30 degree day, the rest of the FT season should all be down hill from there! Kevin did a good job with his new TX200 in the windy cold conditions and knocked over a good number of targets in the process.

When it was all over, eight shooters had actually completed the course. We all met up at Roz's house and had a big bowl (or two) of Steve's now Famous Chili. Man, it was welcomed after that match. We had a nice time of fellowship after the match talking about our day in the cold and airguns in general. Heck, it took me an hour and a half to warm up enough to get in the car and start driving home!

We all agreed to give it another try next Saturday, if the weather coorperates. We are already watching the long range forecasts and will make a final call for a mathc on Thursday evening. That will hopefully give everyone a second chance to warm up and get in some "normal" Field Target... If you haven't yet tried Field Target, watch for our next announced match and come on over.

See you there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 53/60 USFT #19
David Brown 45/60 Walther Dominator
Roz Sumpter 41/60 Theoben MFR
Pat O'Brein 18/60 USFT

Steve Vines 28/60 Air Arms TX200
Anden Houben 22/60 Air Arms TX200SR
Kevin Blankenship 20/60 Air Arms TX200
Shane Iceberg 19/60 R-9
Rod Bradley DNF
John Blount DNF