Hosted by the Broome County Sportsmen's Association, Krikwood, NY

July 11, 2009

Conditions were sunny but warm and muggy as things got underway at the 2009 Northeast Regional Field Target championship match and the forecast was for some nasty weather later in the day. A stiff breeze did kick up from time to time but this was a double edged sword: It made you feel cooler but it didn’t make shooting an air rifle any easier! We had several shooters register in the morning which brought the total number of competitors participating in the match to 36. The equipment breakdown was as follows:

This year’s layout featured a morning round of 10 lanes on our new walking course and an afternoon round of 10 lanes on our field target range course. Thus the 10 lanes in the morning would have a completely different feel from the 10 lanes in the afternoon. Both courses were scheduled for 2 targets per lane, 2 shots per target, 5 minutes per lane.

The walking course was divided into 3 sections: “Urban Sniping”, Upland Hunting, and Lowland Hunting. The three lanes of “Urban Sniping” were fired from next to and from within a small building to simulate varmint hunting and pest control in an urban environment. From there, a short uphill trek led to the four Upland Hunting lanes. These lanes were cut into a sloped hillside which required shooters to navigate uneven shooting pads when taking their shots. Lastly, a short stroll took shooters to the three Lowland Hunting lanes. These lanes were flat and cut into thick brush. The timing seemed to work out well as shooters were completing the walking course shortly after the food had arrived for lunch. The entire walking course was set up as follows:

Following lunch, the action shifted to our field target range course. This course had all 10 lanes next to each other in a more open setting. The continuous firing line was 70 feet long with a nice wide pea gravel base and tent canopies over the top. As was mentioned previously, the look and feel of the field target range course was completely different from the walking course. The tent canopies came in particularly handy this year as the previously advertised thunderstorms opened up on us toward the end of the match! The break down of the field target range course lanes was as follows:

There were a few hiccups to deal with as several targets needed attention, primarily to repair the braided steel wire leaders used to attach the reset cords to the targets. These wire leaders had served us well in the past but this year their number was up and they were being completely severed. Unfortunately, two targets proved overly problematic and had to be eliminated from the match. The can/out house on lane 3 had a faulty retaining pin that would occasionally rotate, bind up the paddle, and prevent the target from falling. And the bull in lane 10 failed to fall on clean hits from shooters on several different squads. Thus, scores were calculated as if these targets didn't exist.

At the conclusion of round 2 the scores were tallied and we had a tie for 1st place in Piston Division between Paul Bishop and Harold Schaeffer who each had total scores of 57, and a tie for 2nd place in PCP Division between Hans Apelles and Jeff Paddock who each had scores of 66. A shoot-off was used to break the tied scores by having each competitor take one shot on targets with a 1/2" kill zone set the same random distance down range. The targets would be moved further down range as necessary until the matter was settled. The PCP Division went first and the matter was settled quickly as Hans missed on his attempt but Jeff was was successful in downing his target to claim 2nd place. Next the Piston Division was called to the line so Paul and Harold could break their tie. Both shooters were unsuccessful on their first attempts but both were able to make their shots on attempt number two so the targets were moved back for the next shot. Paul took his shot first but was not able to down his target. Harold then launched his pellet toward the target and it was a perfect strike, giving him the victory. With the tied scores now broken the score board was finalized. The first place finishers were Tim MacSweys in PCP Division with a score of 67, Bill Day in PCP-Hunter Division with a score of 64, Harold Schaeffer in Piston Division with a score of 57, and Gerald LaRocca in Piston-Hunter Division with a score of 39. The second place finishers were Jeff Paddock in PCP Division with a score of 66, Bartek Dziedzic in PCP-Hunter Division with a score of 57, Paul Bishop in Piston Division with a score of 57, and Joseph Bill in Piston-Hunter Division with a score of 30. The third place finishers were Hans Apelles in PCP Division with a score of 66, Georg E. in PCP-Hunter Division with a score of 56, Greg Shirhall in Piston Division with a score of 34, and Veronika Ruf in Piston-Hunter Division with a score of 29. Scores for the entire field of shooters were as follows:

Competitors received a gold medal for first place, a silver medal for second place, and a bronze medal for third place. Crosman was also generous enough to provide several door prizes that were raffled off. For the second year in a row the pocket knife proved to be the most popular item! For 2009 the top raffle prize was a new Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle with the NERFTC match logo laser etched on the stock. And the winner of the new Marauder air rifle was...Martin Paredes!

A special thank you goes out to Crosman Corporation for sponsoring the match, all of the local BCSA volunteers who helped with match preparation and operations, and all of the shooters who came out to the range for the match.

See you in 2010!