Capital City FT Match Results for April 15, 2009

The Capital City FT Match started under cloudy skis with light and variable winds- well that was before the wave(s) of fronts started arriving. The weather again kept the participants down to the few loyal and hardcore- all 12 of us.

John Mickel, MD, teamed us up into 4 groups of 3- I was lucky or unlucky enough to be teamed a couple of people on their game. In the Northwest we don't have controversy on Spring or PCP -- the top Springer Howard Lee was schooling us all until the standing lane -- he had a perfect score until missing all 4 shots -- then everything was level. After he was rattled, he ended up missing a couple more. But somehow he managed to get calm winds whenever he shot -- it gusted for me and died for him.

Another local that hadn't been shooting FT for awhile showed up Jim Benson -- trying to shoot between surgeries -- a simple hand surgery has been fixed a couple times and still counting -- then some eye problems. But a heck of a good MD -- we're lucky to have Jim and John. His hands swelled up but managed to finish the match.

The course was pretty hard -- not sure of the Troyer; but lots of small holes, some elevation and wind funnel valleys. John Mickel told us he wanted to make it easier; but Howard wanted smaller holes -- I guess he had been practicing.

The scores were pretty close -- 4 points separated 6 people including the top Spring powered shooter.

The sight-in started with rain -- I should have spent more time Zeroing in -- didn't and didn't get a good zero point. The rain stopped while we had the prematch talk and then restarted a few minutes later. I've been using my umbrella too much this year- even have a rain cover for the rifle now. It rains a lot in the Pacific North West -- so we get used to it. During the match a few times the winds picked up and we were starting to think about being in a wooded area with old dying timber.

The PCP winner was once again Brent Saunders and his pumped up HW100, with 36.
Noel Vaughn was right behind him with 35 shooting his tried and true Walther Dominator.
Next was Bill Gruber with 33, Bill was sharing his P70 with Jim Welsch who got a 32.
Rick Knowles using his Korick tuned EV2, shooting International Style with a 32.

The Springer Class was dominated by Howard Lee, shooting his Mickel Tuned Pro Sport, with a great score of 34- losing all 6 points in the last 3 lanes. He plans to work on his standing -- we gave him some coaching on his position -- so we'll be watching.
Jim Poh shooting his home tuned TX200 scored 23 for second place.
Terry Cook shooting a stock FWB 300 managed 20 points- very amazing for a 6 FPE rifle and limited FT type shooting.

The Hunter class was again dominated by John Dodge, shooting 54 with his AA 400 ERB. John was followed by Sara Mickel (John's granddaughter) shooting a tuned but still low power Tau 200, scored a 47. Sara in almost 12(?), she has improved from last season. She shot a lot on indoor BR this winter and the scores are showing it.
Next was Andre Tiffany, shooting his second FT Match and improving, shooting a RWS54 and getting 39 points- still learning his equipment and we'll be seeing more of him this year.

The weather was worse then we expected, the NWS was predicting worse up North, but with the Ocean Mountain Chains the fronts can take several different routes and we were lucky enough to weather it out.

I'm hoping Andre will add a link to where ever he is hosting his photos. He was taking pictures to show his brother all the fun he missed. Hopefully we'll see both of them next weekend, same place, and same times. This match was supposed to be at the Buckly, WA FT; but still flooded out- I guess the water is still standing there.