NWA FT July 4 Match Results

July 4th, Independence Day FT Shoot Off, without the shoot off. The NW Airgunning schedule showed a FT match in Olympia, Capital City Rifle and Revolver; but had a land conflict. So a few calls later and Ron Price, Buckley FT stepped up to fill the slot.

We have had some unusually warm weather --  lots of warmth and dry weather in the Pacific Northwest --  too many records. So match day we had more warm and dry, mid match it was 95 and 20% humidity --  so pretty warm for us.

The field is part of Ron's pasture; he moved the horse and mule, Charley, to a small shady area a little way from the shooters area. They were standing in the shade, watching us: sitting, lying, kneeling and standing in the sun  --  I think Charley was laughing at us a few times.

Ron matched the 9 people up into 4 groups, we were hoping the small groups would keep us rolling and get to the after match festivities. Ron had setup another good food feast, lots of good food after shooting in the sun, and then we were looking for a place to nap.

The first couple lanes should have been pretty easy; but for some reason most of us were missing them. Then we found some holes, transitioned to some long shots in tricky breezes. Then the Prone lane, laying slightly downhill on top of some big rocks or something. A couple more lanes then a kneeling lane with another hole. From that we walked over to the far end with greener grasses and some SHADE. There we found a standing, a couple more lanes and then finally the same Duck we couldn't knock down last Match and no one knocked it down this time either  --  maybe it needs some tuning? I had planned to look at it during the take down; but after eating we all left. I didn't think about take down till I got home and unloaded the cordless drill  --  oops sorry Ron.

The Hunter FT was fought by JD Dodge, AA400ERB, with a 61 and Sarah Mickel, Tau200jr, with a 37. Sarah had a new bi -- pole and she was doing her own Sherpa-ing this time   --   so starting to get more independent. She keeps making steps forward   --   so any day now things will really start clicking!

The Springers were led by Howard Lee, AA Prosport (Mickel tuned), with a 16. John Mickel, AA Prosport (Mickel tuned) with a 14, followed by Terry Cooke, FWB 300 with a 12. They all had problems: new scope wheel and not too setup yet, missing a full lane because you're a turn off and other problems.

The Pre Charged group was lead by Noel Vaughn, LG 300 Dominator, with a 29. Noel reported he was missing the easy shots; but every time I looked to see how he was doing he was knocking down the KZ targets. Next place was Rick Knowles, EV2 ( Mickel and Korick tuned) with a 29. Dave Gere, P70 (Koric & Gere tuned), with a 26, Dave was having problems with the Prone lanes   --   so could a would a; but didn't. Next place was the Match Director Ron Price, P -- 70 (Korick tuned), also having problems with the Prone lane he setup   --   so we cant say he was taking any unfair advantages.

No one noticed the tied score, we both thought the other guy won so didn't check and we were too busy eating to check the score sheet. By the time we found out the tie we were both packed. So I looked at the Prone, Kneeling and Standing lanes. We both made the Prone and Standing lanes, I missed one of the small holes on the Kneeling lane --  so that was the tie breaker   --   the Master took it again.

Its fun to shoot in an open field; but boy will I like getting out of the sun again   --   looking forward to shooting in the woods again --  next weekend is BR at Tacoma Rifle and Revolver, and then the following well be back in the woods at Tacoma again. Back to the bugs again --  I didn't get any bug bites --  didn't think about it till now, thought we would find more bugs out in the pasture; but they must not like the hot weather either.