Port Colborne Field Target Club Results

for June 6, 2009

The first official match of the season finally happened and it certainly turned out to be a good one. We had 23 shooters competing and for four of them, it was their first match. The weather added greatly to the day with temperatures in the low seventies and light wind.

The lanes were set up by six individuals and no one had to set up more that two lanes or six targets. That kind of help and cooperation certainly makes things easier and is greatly appreciated by the match directors of the PCFTC. The course turned out to be a great blend of targets, varying from 14 to 60 on the Troyer scale of difficulty. The average difficulty for the match was 34.3T.

After sorting out the squads and having a brief shooter’s meeting, we headed out on the course to find out how rusty we were from the winter offseason. Judging from the good scores, there has been some shooting going on for many involved.

The Hunter Division drew ten adult shooters and three juniors. Braden put his experience to work and was the top junior shooter. Kalley, in her first match, shot an impressive score to take second. Hailey has continued to improve with each match.

Dennis L. and Marshall both shot great scores and took first and second respectively. Dan and Paul tied for the third spot and after a tough shoot off, Dan prevailed and placed third and Paul, in his first match, took fourth. All the scores were good and congratulations to Axel and Will for doing so well in their first match.

There was a familiar rivalry in the Open Piston, with Len and Bill going head to head once again. On this day, Len got the best of the match-up and placed first and Bill second. We’ll see what happens next time.

The Open PCP group had ties for first and third. Magdy had obligations and had to leave after the match, so that shoot off did not take place. There was a shoot off for first and Don made short work of that, knocking the target down on his first attempt and the other guy, yours truly, missed. So Don claimed first, myself second, Dennis third and Magdy fourth.

The WFTF PCP class was well attended with four shooters. Chris managed to take top honours with his trusty Pro Target and Jeremy claimed second. Tom J., shooting in a FT class for the first time, edged Ted by one shot to take third.

After the awards were presented, lots more shooting took place on the sight in range and then finally we pulled the targets and eight of us headed out for some supper. I had a good feeling about the whole day and I am quite sure the others did as well. Many thanks to all who attended and made the day such a success.

As I was driving to Harvey’s, I was thinking that if Annie, a former student of mine and all round great kid, was there to wait on me, that would be the icing on the cake. As I walked in the entrance a familiar voice called out my name. Cake iced.

Tim MacSweyn

Results Chart

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.

Shooter Diff 34.3T Gun Scope Pellet
Hunter Division Score /120
1) Dennis Leite# 101 EW-QB79 Leapers 8-32 JSBH
2) Marshall Doan 91 Crosman 2260 Tasco 6-24 Cr Pts .22
3) Dan Pusaka 72* QB79 Rex 3-9 JSBE
4) Paul Bird+ 72* TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSBL
5) Kel Jackson 68 QB78 Leapers 3-12 JSBL
6) Rob Billard 67 QB78 Leapers 4X JSBL
7) Luke Riddel 58 Qb78 Rex 3-9 JSBL
8) Chris Tye 54 QB78 Bushnell 3-9 CR. HP .22
9) Axel Rodriguez+ 53 HW100 Leapers 4-16 JSBE .22
10) Will Akershoek+ 40 Winch. 500 Bushnell 3-9 RWS
Junior Hunter
1) Braden Meeboer 72 Crosman 2289 Center P. 4-16 JSBL
2) Kalley Bird+ 58 Crosman 187 Burris 1.75-5 Cr. Comp
3) Hailey Riddel 54 QB78 Fitco 3-9 JSBL
Open PCP Score /60
1) Don Irvine# 55* Steyr LG100FT S&B FT 10-50 JSBH
2) Tim MacSweyn# 55* Ld/SS Deben 10-50 CPH
3) Dennis Eden# 45 Walther Dom. Leupold 35X CPH
4) Magdy Hassouna 45 FWB 70 Deben 10-50 JSBH
Open Piston
1) Len Joe 48 FWB 300S Bushnell E 5-15 JSBL
2) Bill Shikatani 43 AA Pro Sport Bushnell 8-32 JSBH
1) Chris Nicholson# 53 AA Pro Target BSA 10-50 JSBL
2) Jeremy Zobel# 45 MPR-FT Nikko 10-50 JSBL
3) Tom Jackson 38 AA S400-SL Nikko 10-50 JSBL
4) Ted Gibson 37 Logun Solo Leapers 8-32p> JSBL

# Set up lanes for the match

* Place decided by shoot off

+ First Match