STLAG April 25 Results

The 1st 2009 Field Targets event is over here are the results


1st    Chris Fuller              58
2nd  Greg Chamberlan       56
3rd   Reinder Schilsky        51
4th   Dutch                     50
5th   Bill Hatfield               49
6th  Chadd Johnson          47
7th   Jerry Bonisield          26
8th   Jacob Miller              15


1st   Carl Maple                11
2nd   Josh Ruh                   4         


1st   Ed Stack                 44
2nd  Garrett Miles            32       
3rd Gery Anthony            11

The course was a 60 shot Match.  Four lanes had 3 three targets each allowing the two closest for 12 fpe  and under and the longer two were for +12 fpe rifles. The standing lane was four targets, one point each.  

A good time was had by all and I hope everyone comes back and brings a new friend to the sport for the next one.    It's worth the trip to enjoy the day outdoors with fellow airgunners.  All skill levels are welcome.  We anticipate our next shoot will be in June.  Check our website for more information.